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The true story of a person who had Reptiles as pets.

Posted 4 Weeks Ago at 11:35 AM by simone1234
Updated 4 Weeks Ago at 11:36 AM by simone1234

Long time ago when the sky was blue and peace was reigning.

There was a person with the name Skiro who had always wanted to discover new things.

Skiro saw something fast moving in his garden, but since it was too fast he planned some strategy to catch it.

He found out that it was a Lizard and the only way to slow it down were some painfull methods, but Skiro didn't want to hurt animals/and other things, so he decided to open the door that goes directly to the bathroom and above there you could see the kitchen but he closed that door, he waited with patience to see the lizard slowly going inside the bathroom,

once the lizard was inside, Skiro closed the Door to the garden and then he saw that the Lizard was slowing down a lot, then he used his hands to grab it and once the lizard was calm... He went outside looking for something to put it inside, he created the paradise for the Lizard and the future Lizards/

To be continued.
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