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For the first time in five and a half years...

Posted March 5th, 2019 at 2:41 PM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™

... I'm actually interested in a Pokemon game.

For the first time since X/Y, the female playable character actually looks nice. That alone has me more interested in the 8th gen games than in anything released by the franchise in the last half decade.

Starters? Doesn't really matter. We could be getting a catalytic converter Pokemon as a starter choice, and I'd still be happy because the trainer's waifu material. Besides, I'll probably end up dumping the starter and training a combination of Electrode, Flygon, cat Pokemon (hopefully Persian), some water type, and two other Pokemon from the first four gens anyway.

(Seriously, if I could put up with the craptacular "rivals" from X/Y because I could play as Serena, I can put up with *almost* anything, a certain rodent-loving dimwit notwithstanding.)

Still, as cute as the player character is, let's not forget who the true MVP of the 8th gen Pokemon games is:


I hope that outfit is unlockable as a custom outfit choice.
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