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Shine Diamond episode 57a--The Afterpost

Posted 1 Week Ago at 9:49 AM by EmeraldSky
Updated 1 Week Ago at 11:54 AM by EmeraldSky

This week, a picnic takes a terrifying turn when an overbearing trainer bent on having Tintri for himself prompts a medical emergency!

The biggest changes to this episode--Team Rocket is obviously cut, but Paul was cut too--given that he doesn't play that big a role in the episode's story, I felt I could safely take him out too.

I decided to elaborate on what the gang was eating and what Tintri dropped to set the adventure into motion. (they got box lunches from a sandwich place in an offscreen town)

I felt it would be helpful to tell the audience how to say the name I've given the Pikachu we all know and love--this is why Ash corrects Sho when he says it wrong.

Tintri's illness is not affected by battle. I felt it would be more powerful if it was caused because of the bond between Ash and him. This way, when Ash and Sho do battle (the second battle in the real episode), it is a lot more meaningful.

I did switch up the Pokemon Sho offers for Tintri, including a callback to Luce the Ampharos from Moonlight Silver. When Tintri mentions seeing his life flash before his eyes, he foreshadows the remixed Spearow encounter in Kanto, and calls back to when Ash first used the Swanna Song in Johto.

Just like there is a number for human emergencies, there's also a separate number for Pokemon emergencies in my imagined Pokeworld--dialing the number 737 on any phone or PokeNav will connect a trainer to Pokemon Emergency Services, which dispatches emergency Pokemon care.

Tintri would know better than to charge back to battle after coming within inches of his life, so he follows the nurse's orders to rest.

Next time, Ash tells Dawn about one of his greatest battles--and Tintri reaffirms he doesn't want to evolve!
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