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Let's (Not) Play Trickster Online! Chapter 8 (April Fools)

Posted April 1st, 2019 at 10:31 PM by Rainbow Chara X
Updated April 2nd, 2019 at 8:14 PM by Rainbow Chara X
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This chapter is proof that I'm probably blessed with some real RNG magic cause whoof.

Chapter #8 - Out of Body Experience


[SMB3 Fortress Boss Smash Ultimate Remix]

: "Sorry!"

:"Tricked ya! You shoulda looked at the date this was posted!"

: "Though given how busy the author is lately, you're probably seeing this up on the day after. Can't win 'em all."

: "What do we do though, sis? We can't just leave the audience hanging!"

: "Ah, you're right!"

: "Good thing I have this copy of our author's archives! There's bound to be something interesting in here!"

: "Yay! Maybe we can run the show for once!"

: "Oooh, a classic moment!"

: "Always felt bad for them, though."

: "Which one?"

: "Everyone in Sigurd's family."

: "... Okay, I can't argue with you on that one."

: "Gott is wot?"

: "It's German for God is Dead, sis. As for what it means..."

: "I have no idea!"

: "Sounds pretty overdramatic though. Plus, I swear I've seen those creepy doll girls before..."

: [GASP!]



: "What the heck's this graffiti? Who are both of these dorks?"

: "I have no idea but the Marill drawing's super cute though."

[Veil pulls out measuring tape]

: "That's quite big."


[Veil rummages through more files and-]

: "...!"

: "... Nice melons."

: "I saw it coming and I still wasn't prepared for it. Sis you giant dork!"

: "I try my best!"

: "Man, what am I gonna do with you...?"

[Rachel comes across an actual game on the archive]

: "Oooh, what's this? It's called 'Conversation Simulator'. Is this like a visual novel thing?"

: "Doubt it. Our author's not into those types of games, but the name still interests me. Fire it up, sis!"

[Current OST: Mother 1 Snowman]

: "... What the...?"

: "I... uh, was not expecting that."

: "Let's try pressing buttons!"

: "O-oh. Okay then. This is normal."

[Veil gasps]

: "You can beat up the MSPaint looking guy!?"

[Veil fumbles across the imaginary keyboard]

[Burp SFX]

: "Aw sick, you can make him burp the other guy to death!"

: "Hey, I want to play too!"

: "Knock yourself out, sis."

[She turns the screen back to normal with R]

[Music abruptly changes to the Metal Mario theme from Smash Bros 64]

: "Oh snap, I actually changed something with that! That scared the heck out of me."

[Rachel repeatedly spams the Q button]

Tip: Pressing L will summon a lightsaber.

: "Yeeaaaaaaaaah! More carnage and missles! Let's drop a full salvo on this sucker!"

: [sniff] "I'm so proud of her."

: "I wonder what happens if we press the arrow buttons instead?"

[She taps the right arrow key a few times and]

: "Aaaah!"

: "Whoa!"

: "Dang Rachel, you didn't have to kill him."

: "How was I supposed to know it'd do that?! Oh, I'm sorry mister gray alien man!"

[She presses a few buttons out of despair and winds up pressing the up arrow key]

: "What."

[Theme changes to the Alternate Zelda File Select theme from Link's Awakening]

[Music keeps playing as the Poorly Drawn Starman Head hops around the room]

: "... Uh."

: "Man, this game's a riot! What happens if we press everything on the keyboard at once!?"

[She winds up pressing W, taking her to an alternate screen]

[A guy humming the Super Mario theme is the music]

: "F-flesh eating virii...?"

[A slew of jeers fly out, including the guy from Princess Bride who says "Inconceivable!"]

: "Aw come on sis, let him through!"

: "O-oh alright. But if anything bad happens I'm pointing fingers at all of you."

[The Super Mario Bros underwater theme]

[Rachel makes him go through the pipe, but the level just repeats]

: "What the heck? It won't proceed."

[A few more attempts and a counter appears on the screen]

[Ominous music starts playing, complete with chanting]

: "Uh-oh."

: "You see what happens when I listen to you!?"


: "... Yeah I guess you got a point."

: "What the..."

: "Q?!?!?"

[The numbers get increasingly more nonsensical as the music gets more intense]

[Both sisters huddle together as the sheer chaos unfolds]

: "aaaaaaAAAA-"

[Sonic game over theme as the Starman pops in a tiny explosion]

: "... Well, that was a ripoff."

: "Can we switch games now? I don't think my heart can handle more of this one."

: "Sure thing. Speaking of hearts..."

: "....!"

: "Awwwwww!"


[Ending theme]

Well, that's about it for the April Fools episode. I just threw whatever crap I had together and tested how the sisters would work together without my commentary in the middle.

Things displayed in order:

* Dark Rising 2 LP by yours truly, Chapter 10 - The 2X Saber moment is my favorite moment from that particular LP.

* The Clara Dolls & Gott is Tot - The Clara Dolls are fun to use as LP reaction images, and I genuinely did love the Madoka Magica movie they came from, so why not right?

* Sailor Moon Chapter 14 - No spoilers for real though.

* Marriland was here, Chugga is a Loser - This was during a multi-player episode of Chuggaaconroy's Pokemon Platinum let's play where Marriland showed up as a guest. I had to screencap this moment at the time because I just found it so gosh darn funny.

* Tall Ridley - Likewise I think I took this screencap from an Alpharad episode (don't remember which one) because seriously though, Ridley's a big boy.

* Kanna from Blaster Master Zero 2 - Blaster Master Zero is the modern reboot of an old, otherwise forgotten series that I fell in love with as of late: both Zero and Zero 2 are fantastic games that I suggest anybody with a Switch play. This lady is one of the new characters and... yeah, she's a plant alien woman with massive melons. You can see why I like her, yes?

* Conversation Simulator - So the big thing for this April Fools episode was to find a game in a short amount of time that was absurd in a funny way. I didn't have much in the way of goofy games aside from this, this strange Christmas game that I picked up from the Starmen.Net forums (the primary, still-running Earthbound fansite) a looooooong time back. I'm talking Thingio levels of old.

What you saw was pretty much the whole game barring some small stuff I neglected to cover. It's full of old memes and inside jokes, making it the perfect game to cover out of context.

* HEARTBEAT - An extremely well-made RPG Maker MV game that I might cover in the future. There's a lot about it that I like ranging from art, world-building and combat, although it's not free. Why is it in the April Fools episode? I dunno, you got me there.

Anyway, I might be coming out with actual content soon although I'm not sure given my schedule. See you guys then!

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