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Shine Diamond episode 60: The Afterpost

Posted 4 Weeks Ago at 8:28 AM by EmeraldSky
Updated 4 Weeks Ago at 10:38 AM by EmeraldSky

This week, the Wallace Cup gets underway, with Ash making a grand first impression in the Visual and the Dance competition.

This episode was heavily rewritten to reflect the game rules and expand that the Wallace Cup is truly a global affair--Brock attempts to sing to the Sword and Shield heroine! I didn't explicitly name her or reveal her ID number because we don't know Sword and Shield's release date yet. She is wearing a Spring Clover coord as a nod to her heritage.

The evil team is at least acknowledged by showing a quick scene of Mars signing up for the Contest. I also implied that Johto also follows Shinou and Kalos rules.

Instead of Contests being judged by two random guys and Nurse Joy, they are judged by the three judges from the D/P/Pt games in the remix.

Each of the main cast and a cameo's ID numbers are significant:

--Dawn's ID number symbolizes the US premiere of the D/P arc
--May's ID number symbolizes the US premiere of the AG arc
--Ash's ID number is the birthday of the Pokemon franchise itself (February 27, 1996)

Shauna from XY makes an appearance to foreshadow that Kalos has Contests in the remix--she will eventually be one of Serena's friendly rivals. Her ID number refers to the XY episode "Under the Pledging Tree"--where Serena makes a promise to become a great coordinator.

Ash recycles "Bumblebee" from earlier because it scored high for him before in the Eterna Dance Contest--so it is no surprise it serves him well again here. May's Glaceon Neva dances to "Beautifly" because that is May's signature song for Dance competitions.

Next time, the girls have a slumber party, and Ash meets another Legendary!
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