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Black 2 Nuzlocke Team and Deaths!

Posted July 6th, 2019 at 11:50 PM by PageEmp

Here we go. Currently grinding for the final gym.


[B]Ogre the Serperior (M), Docile, Loves to eat[/B]
My starter, nothing particularly outstanding but he does work.

[B]Wrestle the Stoutland (M), Adamant, Sturdy body[/B]
Wrestle is a destroyer. Intimidate, good nature, destroys almost everything? Yes.

[B]I'm Peeing the Wailord (M), Modest, Good perseverance[/B]
Now my main Water mon, plan to eventually give him Toxic.

[B]Labs the Chandelure (F), Modest, Alert to sounds[/B]
Added to the team as soon as I saw that nature. Definitely has been useful.

[B]Slici the Bisharp (M), Adamant, Quick tempered[/B]
Remember when I called Bisharp overrated? I still think that but now I can see how beastly it is. I can now understand how it is so good.

[B]Cahnex the Skarmory (F), Hardy, Often dozes off[/B]
I needed her for the Dragon gym and she delivered well. Hope to see her be a good teammate later on as well.


[B]Bombie the Venipede[/B]: Forgot how she died, must be to Bide or somthing.

[B]Jhak the Timburr[/B]: Died to a Klink.

[B]Jaddles the Koffing[/B]: I think she died to a random wild.

[B]Hat dude the Emolga[/B]: Died to a triple battle in the cave where evrything on his side bodied him. Probably my saddest death, he was actually a really good teammate that I would have liked to take all the way.

[B]Dopliyo the Swanna[/B]: Died to the Dragon gym. Honestly the least sad death of the run. He just wasn't useful once we cleared the Ground gym which is why I even needed him. Everything on my gang did everything he could do but better.

Overall, this game is much better that I have remembered! I don't like the pacing of the plot, but I do feel as if I took this game way too seriously back 4 years ago. The parts that repeat BW1 aren't anything too interesting but everything else is fun!
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