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Radboy Replays: Pokemon Conquest - Part One - Sengoku Jidai

Posted September 29th, 2019 at 6:00 PM by RunningRad
Updated September 29th, 2019 at 7:54 PM by RunningRad

Alright. Time to play some games and recount my experiences with them.

First up, Pokémon Conquest, released in 2012, and which even a few think is the best spinoff of all time.
It's been a while since I've played it, so let's see what it's all about. I talk about my actions and events that happen, and later on I will eventually try to complete all the stories I can, although it is not guaranteed.

The Legend Of Ransei - Part 1
The Legend of Ransei is the main story of Conquest, where your player is trying to unite the 17 kingdoms of Ransei, and each one has a unique type (Ex. Aurora, your kingdom, is the Normal type Kingdom).

Alright, let's get into the game. Pretty much I'm are the new Warlord of Aurora. I always start with an Eevee, and some people are here at my famous coronation, or whatever this is. Three dudes and a lady with a Jigglypuff. And...

Oh crap
What do you mean, I'm already being invaded by Ignis?

Battle At Aurora - Defending the Homeland
By the way, Aurora has the best battle theme in the game IMO.
This is a really simple battle. It starts with you against the two invaders from Ignis. Ignis is the Fire type kingdom, and you see it as one guy uses a Tepig.
I'm acting like this is an important battle. It isn't, not even in the slightest. The most notable part is that Jigglypuff girl also immediately joins you, and acts as the tutorial teacher. It's an easy battle over in two turns.

After battle, the girl introduces herself as Oichi. She is a traveler, but wants to join your army. She then mentions war even coming to Aurora, before the game goes into a cutscene explaining the legend of Ransei, if a Warlord could unite all 17 kingdoms, the Pokémon who created the country would reveal itself. This drives the many battles in the region.
After this, it's time to do the general Pokémon thing and go train. hooray...
Not gonna comment because it feels unneeded.

Afterwards, it's time to go beat up those guys up at Ignis with their crazed expansionist leader Hideyoshi, and maybe take the castle because... well because we should. It's my job or something.

Battle At Ignis - Flame Spirit Protect Me

Really, protect me because I decided that splitting up the army of two was a good idea.
I lost that battle by the way

Battle At Ignis - Electric Boogaloo

I took a month off and now we are back and very much NOT splitting up this time. Apparently it's only a good idea if you are experience in being a general. Or have more than 2 units.
This battle became a back and forth really fast. Ignis has a lot more going on than Aurora, with flame pillars, lava, small pathways, hot springs, and a volcano that actually impacted the battle significantly.
First off, Hideyoshi's Chimchar is really annoying because if you troops in a certain way, he will almost always get the first hit with his Warrior Ability, and deal damage while flinching or burning you. In this game, flinching is horrible or great depending on what side it happens on, as that unit will lose it's entire turn. It can't move, attack, use an item, or a Warrior Ability. It is the prime definition of deadly, and Hideyoshi's troops rock this stuff like wild. The warrior with a Bidoof poses the same problem, except that he can flinch on any attack, not just when using a Warrior ability.
Also, you begin to realize that Oichi's Jigglypuff isn't the greatest thing in the world. It starts with 50~ HP, but getting hit can deal a ton to it, and the volcano hitting could mean certain death at 20 HP if your that unlucky, which is what happens to me. Doubleslap is also somewhat inaccurate, and won't always have the wanted damage yield.
Alright, but what was my experience. The goal was to beat the Bidoof before focusing on the Tepig and Chimchar. After that, it became a slow melee with pivots, and figuring out how to get to the Hot Springs, which will give back some HP when you wait on them, every once in a while. Strategic healing was a godsend that fight, and along with some luck, I won, and Hideyoshi and his goonies are out of Ignis, for real this time.

After that nightmare, I get fully introduced to the three guys from the coronation at Aurora who were not Oichi. They are Mitsunari, Kiyomasa, and Masanori. In advance, I will most likely not mention these guys until I possibly get to their stories, or unless they did something really important I forgot in advance.
After that, you meet ANOTHER guy, Kenji, who wants to teach people the way of recruiting allies, which, yeah, seems pretty important to winning things.

So I do the perfectly logical thing. And eat some grub instead of get allies, as energy is important and all, so I go by some Ponigiri, the region's energy giving food, important. Now with that out of the way, I got a new ally with a Darumaka, and now, with two new kingdoms in site, the Grass type Greenleaf, and the Water type Fontaine.

Battle At Greenleaf - Over the Hedge

And why would I go to the water type place with only Normal and Fire types?
Now the Warlord here, Motonari, really doesn't give a crap about his job and is ready to retire. Lazybones. Anyways, this map has a big new twist, banners. This is the other mode, and if your attacking, you need to claim all 3 banners. Sounds easy? Well it... depends on the map. If a unit stands on a banner, it will regen some HP as well as keep the banner firmly out of opponents hands. However, it is really easy to lose. If you run out of turns, all your allies are defeated, or if the opponent gets all 3 banners first. Depending on the map, it's really easy to just hate this game mode.
The three main twists are the Strange Plants, which fling the unit that stops on them to an open tile nearby, and the grass patches. There are 4 colors of grass patches, all of which connect to each other to move a unit quickly across the map. Finally are traps, which units can fall in and lose their turn, while still taking damage.
Overall, even though the battle went to the final turn for me, I still one on the first attempt. The two Warriors with Sewaddles weren't threats, but could take some hits, but the Pansage & Snivy can be scary due to Vine Whip having better range than some moves.

Afterwards, I recruited many new soldiers (3), and got equipped for the next battle at Fontaine.

Battle At Fontaine - Wet n' Wild

This battlefield consists of a river that can be blocked by two gates. Most units can't cross the river, however Water types can, and will be a nuisance in general. Also there is a fountain at the far left that damages units adjacent to it, so don't put your fire types there, if you were brave enough to bring any.
I most likely assume you started off by fighting Greenleaf, so using trainers that have a grass type with Vine Whip can easily clean up the fight. Also, now is a good time to mention you can hurt your allies with moves, so be careful about that. The battle was cleaned up really quickly, but only one unit joined me from the opposing army.
Oh yeah, the guy here was Motochika. He didn't do that much, and we might see him again later.

Now that the farmost southern corner of Ransei is ours, I'll leave off part one here, next time I'll consolidate my gains, and make my first moves northward.

Next Part - Teslas, Judo, and... Bouncy Balls?
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