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Shine Diamond episode 90b delayed+coming up

Posted January 29th, 2020 at 3:05 PM by EmeraldSky

The next part of episode 90 is delayed so I have time to plan how many parts I will need in detailing the show. I have a definite ending planned (so this all new episode won't go on forever), before we move on to the next leg of the story (Ash's seventh badge and a major battle with Paul)

I debated about what to do with Snowpoint Temple (as it would introduce Frontier Brain Brandon before I was ready to introduce him), but ultimately cut Snowpoint Temple out (since it didn't seem to affect the story, and I could get Ash and Paul to Lake Acuity in other ways.)

Unlike in the real show, remix Ash will actually make a dent in Paul's team rather than only knocking out two Pokemon (but it is important that he lose at this point--Brock, Dawn, and some volunteers put on their own play to cheer him up)

We are also getting close to the final battle with Galactic--once they are defeated, they will pretty much disappear, similar to how I cut Team Rocket in Moonlight Silver. Mars and Jupiter will still be Dawn and Brock's rivals, though.

Next time, the Fantasia's show continues with Ash's and Dawn's first big scene!
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