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Sundew Nightmare: The Omega Cut

Posted May 11th, 2020 at 4:21 PM by Rainbow Chara X
Updated July 25th, 2020 at 2:21 PM by Rainbow Chara X


[IMG]https://i.imgur.com/dGu6X69.png[/IMG] [I][B]Synopsis:[/B][/I]

You and your best friend visit the small, humble town of Sundew as part of a vacation. You're there to investigate the seven mysteries of the town and it seems like a nice enough place. What could go wrong?


This borrows the same engine I've been using for my main project, The Dark Heart, but I've modified it a little bit. Turn-based combat with Zelda-like exploration.

This takes place in the same established universe as my main work as well, but everything that happens here is more or less self contained. It's a look into how the world is like beyond the main heroes.

More details down in the Characters segment.

This was originally made for the No Travel Game Jam contest over at the RPG Maker forums, but I've since kept working on it to make it the best it can be. You can expect this be at least an hour and a half long.

[I]EDIT[/I]: The Omega Cut is the most complete version of the game there will be for the forseeable future - everything I've wanted to put in is in.

(There is some slight cursing, by the way. Johnny says the S-word like four times.)

[B][I][IMG]https://i.imgur.com/dGu6X69.png[/IMG] Features:[/I][/B]


Features marked with a ★ are in the game, while ♢ is what I want to patch in to make this a more complete experience.

[COLOR="Blue"]★ [/COLOR]Four playable characters
[COLOR="Blue"]★[/COLOR] Cutscene skip
[COLOR="Blue"]★[/COLOR] Being able to change the characters outfits with costumes, although this only affects battle
[COLOR="Blue"]★[/COLOR] A dungeon
[COLOR="Blue"]★[/COLOR] Quirky dialogue & humor to add levity to the game
[COLOR="Blue"]★[/COLOR] Enemies on the overworld, no random battles
[COLOR="Blue"]★[/COLOR] A bestiary that lets you see detailed stats about every monster in the game, even what species they are or where they're located
[COLOR="Blue"]★[/COLOR] Two Superbosses
[COLOR="Blue"]★[/COLOR] Being able to actually use weapons on the overworld, although they're used for puzzles
[COLOR="Blue"]★[/COLOR] Dungeon keys you collect are added to the HUD so you don't lose track of them
[COLOR="Blue"]★[/COLOR] You fully heal every time you level up
[COLOR="Blue"]★[/COLOR] Autosave
[COLOR="Blue"]★[/COLOR] Regenerating MP for every character and limited item stack (aka. only 2 of this game's Megalixir at a time, etc.)
[COLOR="Blue"]★[/COLOR] A Materia system
[COLOR="Blue"]★[/COLOR] Quick-Swap. Pressing Q when you have more than one party member will automatically switch the characters around without having to go into the team-setup.
[COLOR="Blue"]★[/COLOR] An interesting twist on the New Game Plus concept

And that's about it.


[B][I][IMG]https://i.imgur.com/dGu6X69.png[/IMG] Screenshots:[/I][/B]




[I][B][IMG]https://i.imgur.com/dGu6X69.png[/IMG] Characters:[/B][/I]


* [B][I]Johnny Lucerne[/I][/B] - A massive dork that, despite his unassuming appearance, is a skilled fighter and a lover of hand-to-hand combat. He and his partner run a service where they go around and collect rare and lost items, often selling them back to other adventurers who need them.

* [I][B]Freyja Duskell[/B][/I] - An extremely experienced catgirl witch who can copy the powers of her enemies by observing them, ala. the Blue Mage from Final Fantasy. Despite her tough and cold exterior, she's a big sweetheart and will always fight for what's right even if she wants a little compensation from time to time.

* [I][B]Madeline Richtel[/B][/I] - A young dog girl nun who's apprenticing at her local church. Despite her gentle appearance, her heart's full of adventure and she's willing to fight even if she's scared. Her prime motive is to protect the people she loves.

* [I][B]Latona[/B][/I] - The head priestess of the church in Sundew and Madeline's mentor. She is responsible for watching over the safety of the town due to being a senior magical girl, being a legendary hero back in her heyday. Now though, she's more concerned about being Maddy's teacher than anything else.

[I][B]IMPORTANT NOTE: [/B][/I]Johnny and Freyja are just shopkeepers my main project. They are also both extremely skilled and start off with large movesets to emphasize this.

Sundew Nightmare is one of their misadventures, as they play a minor (but extremely helpful) role in my main project.


[B][I][IMG]https://i.imgur.com/dGu6X69.png[/IMG] Current Staff:[/I][/B]

Only me.

I did enlist the help of the wonderful [URL='http://jaxcheese.bandcamp.com']Jaxcheese[/URL] for some music, even though it wasn't made exactly for this project.

You can find more details in the resource credit notepad file that comes with the game.


And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...

[IMG]https://i.imgur.com/ScpmWsG.png[/IMG] [B][I]THE GAME![/I][/B] [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/ScpmWsG.png[/IMG]

[URL='https://www.dropbox.com/s/w5lbv31awqlgihi/Sundew%20Nightmare.exe?dl=0']Here is the dropbox link.[/URL] (Version 9)

[I][B][IMG]https://i.imgur.com/ScpmWsG.png[/IMG] BUGFIXING [/B][/I]-

If anything crashes or acts Not Fine please tell me immediately, because due to the amount of crunch I was under, I couldn't 100% polish everything like I could my other game.


Yet to be changed:
- Some animation resizing stuff

[I][B]FIXED as of version 1[/B][/I]:
- Missing portraits
- Missing sounds
- Incorrect door paths

[I][B]FIXED as of version 2[/B][/I]:
- Being able to walk where you shouldn't
- Cutscene softlocks
- Completely revamped a physics puzzle

[I][B]FIXED as of version 3[/B][/I]:
- Added in the costumes, finally
- More softlocks
- Fixed a formula that crashed the game

[I][B]FIXED as of version 4[/B][/I]:
- Balanced the game more
- Added in a superboss
- Fixed some miscellaneous glitches
- Removed ABS aspect since it didn't really help the experience
- Added cutscene skip

[I][B]FIXED as of version 5[/B][/I]:
- Fixed the superboss
- Hookshot petrification softlock fixed
- Even more balance fixing

[I][B]FIXED as of version 6[/B][/I]:

- Fixed the weapon shop lady not having her first conversation with you
- Added two entire new areas, as well as a bonus superweapon
- Added in the rest of the Seven Wonders, since that was missing from the original game.

[I][B]FIXED as of version 7[/B][/I]:

- Fixed more tileset oddities
- You gain skills as the game progresses as opposed to simply getting them all at once
- Tweaked the final boss's defenses to better fit the game's playstyle
- Mid-game boss nerf
- Cleaned up some dialogue

[I][B]FIXED as of version 8[/B][/I]:

- Added more content, changed the color palette of the final dungeon
- Overhauled some cutscenes & modified sequences
- Added a new ability for a character
- Added in a new secret superboss
- Some music alterations
- Changed the actual name of the file so people know it's Sundew Nightmare and not some other no travel game jam entry (late, I know)

[I][B]FIXED as of version 9 - the Omega Cut:[/B][/I]

- Added a brand new playable character & costumes
- Tweaked some abilities & general gameplay fixes
- Added a retry when you die functionality for bosses
- Made it so you can continue from a save file after you beat the game
- The bulk of this new update was that I added in a New Game Plus mode with... interesting properties, such as removing the tutorials from the game on a carried-over file

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