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Once Upon A Time TV show

Posted May 23rd, 2020 at 8:20 PM by Ys

Once Upon A Time is a series I had already watched, don't remember when exactly. Maybe 2015 but I'm not sure. And I'm rewatching as well as reading a fanfiction.

[B]First off. What is this series about?[/B]

Imagine the classic tales we all probably know, but all the characters live in the same universe. Now imagine that instead instead of the Evil Queen from Snow White's tale being defeated, she casts a curse that sends many of the fairy tale characters into a land without magic. Our land. But there's a twist, because there's always one. Snow White and Prince Charming have a daughter who is destined to save them and bring their happy endings. But because she grew up in our land, she has trouble believing in fairy tales. Plus, the fairy tales themselves don't know who they are. The only ones who know are the Evil Queen and Henry.

...Don't worry, this is not really a spoiler because all of this is shown in the first episode either because we see it happen or because of exposition. The show itself is a ride, an escape from reality and a very imaginative modern tale.

[B]What about it caught my attention? [/B] Hmm, I guess when I watched it I welcomed the escape from reality and the premise. Emma sees the fairy tale world as we would, with disbelief and scepticism. But I really like the way these stories were told, and the messages they give.

"Just because you believe something is real doesn't make it so." -Emma

"That's exactly what makes it so". - Henry

May not be an exact quote, but the basis is there. This series talks about love, and hope, and fighting for what is right. And not everything is cutesy either. Though the show 8s mostly kid-friendly there are definitely some darker themes in it, and I think it has something for everyone.
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