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Freaky Friday, and PLA gaming

Posted January 28th, 2022 at 4:14 AM by tenfrogs
Updated January 30th, 2022 at 4:48 AM by tenfrogs

yey it's the weekend!~

But I was stupid enough to put my hand up for a saturday morning shift -_- ah well. I'm going to be literally the only person in the office AND factory tomorrow, so I'mma just bring my Switch in and play Legends from 6am-10am. Big pay for doing bare minimum! I don't know how much longer I'm going to be working there at all tbh though, there was a fight between two of the factory workers today that spilled into the car park and was visible and audible from the office, I can't say exactly what it was about because A) I don't know 100% and B) I don't wanna fill in the gaps and get it wrong, but punches were thrown and this frog was v anxious. Not a fan of confrontation.

Besides that, work was nice and chill, arrived at 5:55ish and settled in with a coffee, put on a podcast (WhatCulture Gaming represeeeeent) and just vibed, did my thing until 10am and then went and got a bacon and egg roll and another coffee, then work till 2 and home time. I was supposed to walk my dog and play some Pokemon GO when I got home, but instead I fell victim to the sweet embrace of my shower and then I remembered it was a new day on my Animal Crossing island which is simply named "Pond". I thought it'd automatically add "Island" after it; I was wrong. Managed to pay off my tent loan and upgrade to a house which should be ready in about 50 minutes! I shall stay awake for the completion.

I really do wish I had tomorrow off. Friday nights are my nights, I enjoy eating bad food and playing video games all night, I never get the chance to sleep in either so I cherish Saturday mornings with a passion. At least I'm only working till 10am tho, I get most of the day to lounge around doing nothing. I might go to the beach, weather permitting. As for right now, this is just a quick blog entry because I want to make my daily ponderings, well, daily, for I am about to have yet another shower, light some incense and play Legends till midnight. Ya girl just got a new hat, I wanna unlock more items of clothing and hopefully get a shiny!

As always, this has been tenfrogs wearing a trench-coat and posing as a human, wishing you all a very great morning/evening/night.


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