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The Tale of あかこ. Now with Chapter 1!

Posted June 19th, 2009 at 1:55 PM by Gerri Shin
Updated June 19th, 2009 at 3:20 PM by Gerri Shin (I included Chapter 1.)

Ok so I was playing a little in my japanese Platinum during a group conversation in MSN and happened to remark upon the game in a 1st person view. they thought it was hilarious and so I've decided to restart and play through the game in that same view. Please be aware that it may get loud, annoying, insatiably hilarious and make you and to vomit or laugh until you dookie.
PLease be aware that I neither speak nor read Japanese and that I am playing the Japanese version of platinum.

Anyway. After I reach a certain point I will update this post with Chapter 1. the later chapters will get their own blog posts.

List of Characters:
Main Character: あかこ (Akako which I think means red)
so far the rival is named Rival, other characters will be referenced in the story.

Chapter 1 - The beginning of the Adventure.

Ahh, Finally it’s freaking over! I can’t believe they make you watch that stupid program before you become a trainer, seriously do they think we’re all stupid or something. Like there is someone in Sinnoh that doesn’t know who the fruit Professor Rowan is. Thank Arceus it’s over.

WTH dude! You don’t just barge into my room I could be doing something pri- I mean I could be trying to concentrate on homework or something! You actually paid attention to that drivel of a program, what are you? If we were related I would kill myself, please just get out of my room. Now what are you- Get off of my computer, use your own to surf for po- Oh you just going to the professors website. Yeah I already know what to do, now get the frick out of my room! Stop you blathering and get out danggit! No I will not pay you $100 I’ll kick your bum out myself if you don’t get going! Finally!

Ok I have everything I need now to go down the stairs and -, dang Mom’s gonna nag me more. YOU LET THAT MORON INTO MY ROOM!! WTH woman! I must be adopted...
Fine you sit here and watch TV like always I’m outa this dump. If for once you want to be helpful go get me some running shoes. Don’t you say no to me! GO GET ME SOME SHOES! *imustbeadopted imustbeadopted imustbeadopted...*

Ow, WTF, I pass by that morons door and he head butts me like a goat! Get off of me! Oh what a surprise, you forgot something. Get it and lets go, the mental hospital doesn’t take patients after 8pm, some crap about too many drunks showing up to get free IVs to cure hangovers. Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, I’ll be lucky if I get $10 for you not $1000.

There you are you nutshell, Wait what are you doing, you don’t charge headlong into grass infested with animals! Hold it and wait for the trainer to take us to the city. WHAT DID I JUST GET OUT OF MY MOU-

Oh, it’s the professor! Can I get my first Pokémon now? Oh no you don’t Dont pin that idea on me! He’s the moron here, not me. Ok, I caught the number 100, is he gonne pay me $100 for this nutcase? Aww, he’s not, darn. Oh SNAP! That’s his assistant! Ok, あかこ, Play it cool.
Why hello there, might you be from Tennessee? Because You’re a definite 10 that I see! Wanna catch a movie later?

Ow, my cheek hurts now. She didn’t have to hit be with the professor’s briefcase, she could have just said no. Oh well, at least I got my first pokémon, Chimchar! THanks Professor, I’ll see you later for whatever you called it guide! I’ll see you later too hun!


well there she goes, for now. I’ll catch her later. What are you blathering on about now Rival? A battle, sure whatever will get you to shut up. HA! hahahahahaha! I can’t believe you chose Piplup, seriously, you crack me up, he doesn’t get any powerful move until after it evolves! XDDD Chimchar, let’s show him what a real pokémon can do! Scratch the crap out of that penguin! HA! All you’re going to do is just sit there and ‘growl’ at me? Penguins can’t even growl, all they can do is coo. Wahahahahahahahaha! Wow, that was easy. thanks for lightening he mood after that stone wall of a girl. I’ll get her next time though.

Wow, that was a great MICROWAVED dinner mom, seriously I need out of here. Why are you asking me about that nutcase. I didn’t do anything with him. Finally, you did something right, these are the exact shoes I wanted. Follow directions like this more often and you’ll actually get somewhere in life! Smell you later Twinleaf! *shakes a full moon at the ‘town’*

Oh great, there’s the douchebag now. I have no idea what he’s saying but that tree over there looks weird, I wonder why. O well, I don’t care that much to actually go over there. I think I’ll check out old Lake Verity. WTH stop tagging along with me! I didn’t say you could come. Moron.

Who’s the blue haired freak? He seems to be muttering some gibberish, it’s almost as if he’s Rival from the future. Nevermind, he actually has an inferiority complex, which would never appear in Rival, whatever blue hair. It’s about time they both left. Finally I can set out on my own journey. Totally alone with no one to hinder me!

Ah my first Wild battle, it’s a starly. Neat! Chimchar, kill it! Good, that was very good Chimchar. Now for battle 2, it’s a bidoof? I wonder if they’re as annoying as everyone says they are? Probably not, everyone exaggerates about things like this. Good, a bidoof down.

Hey, It’s the Professors Assistant! Looks like she was waiting for me, couldn’t get enough of this last time, eh. I doubt this little taste of me will be enough either, but I’m not going to stop her. Oh she beckons me into the lab! *please let it be deserted* Ow! Slow the frick down you moron, now get out of here before I start wailing on you again! Now for the lab. Great Cubone’s Ghost, it was a ploy by the professor, you crazy old man. Thanks for the Dex now Good bye, you creep me out! Your Assistant want to ‘meet’ at route 201! I don’t want to be late for that!

Oh what now, we don’t need any of your education films, we’ve seen them all, now can we go? Ok Sure I’ll go for a walk with you, miss assistant! Wow, she’s hot, I can’t be bothered why she’s explainging all about the buildings, but snap, she has a really nice - [This section of the story has been omitted by PokémonUSA for containing descriptions of a graphic nature that we don’t want our viewers to read. We thank you for your understanding.] - Well that wraps up the walk. I’ll see you tomorrow in route 201 for some more ‘trainer basics’! now to go bum a room from Nurse Joy.

End of Chapter 1.
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    Swift!'s Avatar
    A Pokemon story about an angsty young boy with a libido to boot?

    Posted June 19th, 2009 at 3:43 PM by Swift! Swift! is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Misheard Whisper's Avatar
    Oh, this is just like what I did with FireRed! But, a million times better. You should post this as a fanfic, people love this stuff.
    Posted June 19th, 2009 at 5:59 PM by Misheard Whisper Misheard Whisper is offline

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