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Helmets and Birthdays.

Posted July 2nd, 2009 at 12:21 AM by Vie

k. I had an awful week.
It started great, with my practical course and cute horsys and such, then I had my birthday on Thuesday. yay, new guitar!
And then...wednesday...I drove to work in the morning by bike...without helmet and then, behind a curve, there was another guy on a bike. As polite as I am, I got out of the way. Then everything happened fast. I fell onto the street, forehead first, but stood up immediately. And I felt like Alice in wonderland.
I could see the stuff far away, but everything that was closer to me was shiny and colorful. Awesome. Then someone gave me something for my face and I noticed that I was bleeding, and then I walked to the Ranch where I was supposed to be. My boss called the ambulance and the drove me to the hospital. And everyone who asked me about my dates was wishing me a happy birthday. And I was pissed off. Now I'm at home again, with a concussion, several grazes, a sewed lacerated wound on my forehead and a bruise.
And what did we learn from this?

No matter how stupid it looks, wear a helmet!

Because it really really hurts.
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