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Oh, boy..

Posted August 16th, 2009 at 6:30 PM by Vigilante

Man, I was out at a campsite with my grandma, and the owner was just terrible. First off, for some reason the camp area that we had someone just left, so they gave us that spot, and told us that we didn't have to pay that day. Later, the manager made us move a campground over so people who had booked it in advanced could have the spot. We tried to say something, and he threatened to kick us out for saying one little thing.

First off, it was HIS mistake. He made us look like the "bad guys." We moved of course, because it was the onyl place that my grandma could camp near a lake, and man the guy was just horrible. I personally wanted to deck him in the face, despite my non-violence beliefs.

Ah, I feel better after ranting.
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