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N'kay! : D

Posted September 27th, 2008 at 9:37 AM by Tater Tot

So I think I've finally gotten the hang of making blogs, and finally getting used to everything there is to being a Supporter. I'm not puzzled by my blue username anymore, so I think I'm getting used to it. XD Anyway, I'm having a great time on Vacation, and I'm watching my family play Wii Sports, which is amusing. Gosh, I'm still blinking. D: Stupid allergies. >> I think that's my only complaint right now, but I can live with the eye twitching. XD Aha. I think my brother's mad at me because I'm blinking so much, he hasn't changed a bit. XD The eye drops are taking their time to work, so I'm demanding them to work faster, I don't want to go to the Eye Doctor. My blinking is better than it was, but they're still twitching enough to aggravate the crap out of me. -_- My cousin Michael is making a Mii, and he's analyzing every mole, nose, mouth, eye, freckle, and-oh, he's done. XD My foot's falling asleep, I love it when that happens. : D Aha. The tingle is going up my leg! XD This laptop is getting on my last nerve, I better go before I throw it against the wall. XD

Tata tota~
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    Midori Chi's Avatar
    Hunk would be mad at me too, then. I have a habit I guess of blinking a lot. XD
    What's a Mii? 0.0
    It hurts when your leg falls asleep. ;_; It is fun though. XD
    Posted October 1st, 2008 at 3:03 PM by Midori Chi Midori Chi is offline

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