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Fall 2008 Anime Season: Day 1

Posted October 1st, 2008 at 8:47 PM by digi-kun
Updated October 1st, 2008 at 9:25 PM by digi-kun


Toradora! (School Life, Romance)
Main Male: Ryuji Takasu-----------------Second Male: Yusuke Kitamura
Main Female: Taiga Aisaka -------------Second Female: Minori Kushieda
This is the usual Kugimiya Tsun-Tsun anime for this season. Both characters are known throughout the school as being the delinquents, though Ryuji only looks the part (inherited from his dad). As a bit of a change from most of the Kugyuu brand, it seems both have a crush on the others' friend. How it works out is that the new year starts with all four in the same class. After class, the Ryuji somehow mistakes his bag with Taiga's and finds out that she has a crush on his friend, Yusuke, through an intended love letter (which was empty). Likewise, she finds out about his crush. And then she gets him to help her out with her relationship.

It's a Kugyuu anime, of course I'm watching it. Unlike a lot of the other Kugyuu anime (with the possible exception of Akane-iro, also this season), this one seems to be an actually normal school. In addition, the relationship plan is different. Well, think a mix between Shana and Louise, take out all the supernatural elements, and you about got Taiger. And Yui Horie voices Minori
Casshern SINS (Action, Robo)[Continuation]
Real quickly, this series takes place in a world where robots have taken over the world. Casshern is a robot that killed humanity's hope in the last series. Now he's lost his memories and fights against the robot armies.

Hmmm...It's like the adventures of Quickman on a journey to become a good guy or something XD
Rosario x Vampire CAPU2 (Romance, Action, Supernatural) [Continuation]
Well, this is generally just a continuation of the lovefest with an added character.

Thoughts: Well, the fanservice is generally the same as it was before, focusing on pantyshots, though they seem to have added random panty censors too for some reason.
Hyakko (School Life, Light Comedy)
Bringing up the rear of today is a 4 main female role school life anime. The school is HUUUGE. It's generally hard to plot these anime, so it'd probably be better to introduce the characters instead. Ayumi Nonomura (Voiced by Aya Hirano for those who care [i know you're out there]) is the shy, lonely, panicky girl. Torako Kageyama is the outgoing, impatient, "I'm on top of the world" girl. Tatsuki Iizuki is the proper, lady-like, 'perfect' girl. And then Suzume Saotome is the quiet, actually is perfect girl.

As would be expected, Torako is the team leader. I'm not sure whether the rest of the series is like this first episode (exploring the school to find shortcuts and such). Though it seems like a fun anime.

Maybe pictures up later, dunno, depends on my motivation
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