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Posted October 6th, 2008 at 8:11 AM by Counterfeit
Updated October 6th, 2008 at 10:19 AM by Counterfeit

- Monday 6th October 2008

Oh F****! Forgot to do an entry yesterday. ;_; I know nobody actually reads this, but I said to myself that I'd keep this up. Don't ask me why. :x

There's not really much that happened yesterday anyway. :/ My friends had come back from Duke of Edimburgh early due to the bad weather. But I didn't know that till like 5:00PM! : o

So yeah, one of my friends came round and I forced him to watch Haruhi. xD
He didn't reallt get it at all, and kept saying it's hentai, which it's not! :<

Anyway, today it's monday so I was back at school. God I hate it there, I have about.....24 homeworks done done so far? And i'm not exaggering either. I just don;t do them. :/

It's stupid though, so yeah.

English was good today, my teachers in hospital so all I did all lesson was doodle.

I was gonna post a scan here, but I can't be bothered no. :/

Drama was a chore, theirs two girls in my group who just don;t quit sucking up to the teacher, saying I don't do any work, when it hasn't affected them one bit.
They're just agreeing with her. >:[

So most of drama i just kept to myself, as I do lately, people are just being ass holes recently, one of my 'best' friends is being really patronizing and I don;t really fit into the 'clique' i'm in anymore.

Sometimes I just want to end it all.

If anyone actually reads this then.....I don't know. Bah, nevermind..

My new sig, I like this one even better than the one I posted on staurday:

I'll update this later, if I don't then:

Catch you tomorrow.
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