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I <3 Chrono Trigger.

Posted October 3rd, 2009 at 2:22 PM by Sammi

So, my mom wanted to buy me something this year instead of giving me money as usual, so I asked for Chrono Trigger DS. It's one of my favorite games ever, really, and a game that I love as much now as I did as a kid. I originally played it on the Super Nintendo. My stepbrothers really like it (so much so they had two copies of it!), so I started a file in one of their cartridges. And it completely sucked me in. *_* I really do like pretty much everything about it. I've also played a bit of the PS port of it, but I haven't beaten that version (I got up to the Ocean Palace). The load times on the PS port are just killer if you've played the SNES version, so I didn't bother to ask to borrow it.

I'm still really, really sucked into it as usual. I started on Monday, I believe, and am now in the final part of the game, sidquesting before beating the crap out of Lavos (or, rather, having it beat the crap out of me, because that's usually how it goes). Then, knowing me, I will at least start a New Game+, assuming the DS version has it. Because it's always fun to beat the crap out of everything when you're high leveled. :D

At first, I wasn't keen to start it because I was afraid I wouldn't get used to the new setup. However, I'm really, really liking it. The menus are a lot neater. They have the original layout for battles, for people too lazy to try out the touch screen controls. (To be honest, the thought of having nothing up top, where all the sprites are, really creeps me out.) And having a map on the bottom of the screen is actually really nifty, I think, even if I don't use the shortcuts on it.

The biggest thing I have to get used to, though, is the new translation of the game. Most of the game's dialogue is pretty much the same, just sometimes reworded. But, I can't seem to get over how Frog's dialogue has changed. I mean, he says the same thing, just in different words. I kind of miss the useless archaic speak. :( Or maybe it's been so long I can't realize that it hasn't changed that much and I'm just blowing it out of of proportion. But it does seem quite different.

I've done a little bit of the monster arena addition, but it hasn't drawn me in as much. I hesitate to say it's because I don't like to raise monsters and then battle them, because I love my Pokemon. XD; Maybe I'm just used to having it more in-depth? And, as of now, I haven't touched the two extra dungeons. I'm planning on finishing the original sidequests first, then going there, because I'm not sure what's inside, and I want to be a decent level. I still have at least three more quests to do.

To anyone who hasn't played Chrono Trigger before and has a DS, you should try it. It's at least worth a shot, I think. :3 I really couldn't begin to describe just how much I love it. <3
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    I have the game! And right now I am kinda of stuck...I don't know where I should go next. ^^; But it is a fun game. Just like playing the Super NES version. Which I played back in the day.
    Posted October 8th, 2009 at 2:25 PM by Lucy Lu Lucy Lu is offline

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