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So a whole year has passed..

Posted October 18th, 2009 at 5:35 AM by Sasuke.

Since last year. Tomorrow I'm turning 15 and boy am I excited.
Finally get to drive. More responsibilities. Got a pre-paid Credit Card and ordered my AceKart 2i.
So alot of things are coming together. But then I look back on the last year and boy.
Alot of things have happened.
First of all. I have a new little brother, and he's almost one. In one year he's grown so much.
Last year Obama was going neck to neck with McCain. Who would have thought a year later he was to win the Nobel Peace Price?
Last year, I was spazzing about Platinum. This year I'm spazing about HG&SS.
Well, I guess my obsession in Pokemon hasn't changed.
So what I'm trying to say alot can happen in one year. Can you imagine 10 years? 20?
Man time flies, or does it? Eh. Whatever.
All I have to say is that life is good. ♥

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