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This Entry Contains JUSTICE (VI)

Posted December 9th, 2009 at 3:12 AM by Alter Ego

The long awaited (yeah right) continuation shall now commence.

Alter Ego says:
And I suppose you are suggesting

that I have some kind of *ambition* for being convicted as a murderer?

Once again, I must applaud your vivid imagination

Mr. Hobo, you should know more than anyone

my aim has always been to remain the top prosecutor in this country

why would I throw away years of hard work on such a perverse hobby?
Hobo Luke says:
Let's read an excerpt from this well written paer

Alter Ego says:

As much as I have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane

I would like to remind you that we are in a court of law

and once again, I would like to request


to back your assertions

for which, if I may say so, 'wild' is an understatement
Hobo Luke says:
"Most serial killers are ambitious, hard-working people in their everyday lives. They strive to be the best at what they do. However, deep down, they feel empty. They see their faults in others. So they kill. They will find one method they feel is the most effective and stick to it. They are creatures of habit.
Alter Ego says:
*shakes head and smiles smugly*

My dear Mr.Hobo, you forget

sometimes a pipe is just a pipe

This is only an argumentative thesis concerning the mental states of those who are, in fact, confirmed serial killers

It is hardly sufficient evidence to establish murder
Hobo Luke says:
Of course you forget

The part of the paper

Where you were required what you would do if you were a serial killer

Based on your own analysis of your own mental state
Alter Ego says:
*shakes head*

Fiction, my dear Mr.Hobo, FICTION

the romanticized view of a young law student

Surely you yourself have written such a thing as part of your curriculum?

Yet I do not use it as a basis to accuse you of murder!

*Dramatic pointing motion*
Hobo Luke says:
"When analyzing serial killers, I see many of my own traits in them. The drive, the ambition, the faults. However, they always seem to rely on such violent tactics. I personally would stick to something more classly. Like poison."
Alter Ego says:
And again, I must press

fictitious evidence, Mr.Hobo

does not hold in a court of law
Hobo Luke says:
And now

I come to my final point dear Prosecutor

The grade you got on this paper

Was a C-

the lowest of your academic career
Alter Ego says:
Hobo Luke says:
You received this grade on the 18th of May

The professor who gave you this grade

She was murdered

On the 20th of May

By what method you may ask?

Alter Ego says:

...and this is your big point?
Hobo Luke says:
Let me continue sir

You sir, were the top suspect in this case

I mentioned earlier the only evidence in this particular case was poison

I misspoke

If you may recall due to your involvement

There were a series of letters found on the professor's desk from a mysterious source

"You disagree with my theories and say that they're unrealistic and fictious. As you know professor, ficticious evidence doesn't work in court. Well, let's see how they work in practice. Good day."

Hmm... ficticious evidence not working in court

Such a familiar quote
Alter Ego says:
*grit teeth and sweating*
Hobo Luke says:
Anyway, let's look back at the grade

And read the professor's comments on your paper
Hobo Luke says:
"Unrealistic and unreasonable. The points you bring up on prosecuting a serial killer rely solely on ficticious evidence. You must remember that serial killers work in a certain manner. you bring up using evidence that would never be used in court. Remember, it's all about the PRACTICE of murder!"
Alter Ego says:
Alter Ego says:
...dare I hope that *this* is your point?
Hobo Luke says:
Back then, they forgot

To test the letter for substances

I had the lab test the letter for any strange substances

May I ask you to take a guess as to what substance they found on the paper?
Alter Ego says:
I certainly hope you don't mean to imply the perfume involved in this case, seeing as how it fades without a trace within *two weeks* of exposure to oxygen

but please, *do* draw this delightful drama to a close
Hobo Luke says:
Hmm... you appear to possess a great deal of knowledge on the perfume
Alter Ego says:
*tosses head back*

My dear Mr.Hobo

I regularly use it myself

it is perfectly *natural* to know
Hobo Luke says:
When did you first start using this perfume?
Alter Ego says:

You forget, Mr.Hobo

I am not standing here in the capacity of a witness

and I should think that we have heard just about enough of your wild allegations already

Yes, I was angry at my teacher
yes, I wrote her letters expressing this anger


in retrospect I understood that her advice was sound

why, otherwise, would you think that I still abide by it today?

And furthermore, the case you refer to

I do believe that there was a conviction of it

a certain Glitter Stain

Will a trial from the prosecutor's own past shed light on the present? Stay tuned for part VII.
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