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This Entry Contains JUSTICE (VIII)

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This Entry Contains JUSTICE (VIII)

Posted December 9th, 2009 at 3:57 AM by Alter Ego
Updated December 9th, 2009 at 10:59 AM by Alter Ego

Continued from Part VII. Delving deeper into the past, the prosecutor's true nature is coming to light.

Hobo Luke says:

No, no it's not
Alter Ego says:
then where is the EVIDENCE

where is my MOTIVE for these alleged murders?
Another Face says:
Unfortunately brother

There is evidence

I hold here a picture of the mother's day

When my mother died

Look closely at what she's holding in her right hand

The exact same perfume bottle used in this murder, the professor of the murder and the last present Glitter received in jail
Alter Ego says:
This only proves that I gave my mother a gift of perfume.
Another Face says:
Brother, please...
Alter Ego says:
Now, unless you have EVIDENCE to prove that I forcefully jammed it down her throat

I request that this court reach a verdict on the case of THIS DEFENDANT who has ADMITTED to poisoning her own father!
Hobo Luke says:
Unfortunately, you are wrong there too
Alter Ego says:
"The defendant poured poisonous perfume into the victim's drink"
Hobo Luke says:
She never touched the glass

If you recall

You were the one to pour the perfume into the glass

And her father, the victim, poured the drink himself
Alter Ego says:

the witness herself has testified

to supplying the poison that took his life

this makes her guilty of the killing

unless, of course

you mean to suggest that the poison came from SOMEWHERE BESIDES THE GLASS?
Hobo Luke says:
Alter Ego says:
Hobo Luke says:
I'd like to present one last piece of evidence

The victim's pipe

Hobo Luke says:
If you recall

the defendant had said in her testimony that her father's pipe had been missing two days before that...
Pretty Defendant says:

I remember now

I remember the visitor

Who came

The day my father's pipe disappeared

I had only seen him for a second

As I was going upstairs to write some more

But it was Mr. Ego
Clueless judge guy says:

Witness, you will add this to your testimony at once!
Pretty Defendant says:
... okay your honor

"I remember the visitor now.

It was Mr. Ego

He came by to ask my dead to write an obituary for him.

Apparently his friend had died the day before.

He saw daddy's pipe and picked it up. He said it was similar to what his friend smoked from.

then when he left daddy noticed he walked out with it.

He said that he'd just ask for it when the man came back.

And he noticed that the man had given him the wrong date of dead.

Mr. Ego said his friend had died on the 28th, but at that point it was only the 23rd

Alter Ego says:

A simple clergical error on the document and yet another wild theory
Pretty Defendant says:
I'm not done.
Alter Ego says:
when I came back, did I not also give back the pipe?
Pretty Defendant says:
Please don't be rude Mr. Ego

"Then I remember

When Mr. Ego came around that day

He asked if my father was around.

I told him no and he asked to use the restroom

To get there you have to pass through the living room.

Then the whole thing with perfume happened.

Mr. Ego left and soon after daddy got home. He poured himself a drink and began to smoke his pipe.

I remember asking him where his pipe came from and he was puzzled too.

He had completely forgotten it was missing and he said the man must of stopped by for his obituary but since daddy wasn't home, he must of left.

A half hour later... daddy was dead
Clueless Judge Guy says:
How HORRIBLE! *wide-eyed*

That must have been traumatizing for you
Pretty Defendant says:
It was your honor ;-;
Clueless Judge Guy says:
*wide-eyed* Prosecutor Ego, what do you have to say about this?
Alter Ego says:
*flips aside fringe with a cocky smirk*

It speaks for itself, your honor
Clueless Judge Guy says:
EXCUSE me?! *wide-eyed*
Alter Ego says:
*shakes head*

Think about it, what does this testimony tell us?

I arrived at the victim's home five days before the murder, briefly picked up an ornate pipe and examined it out of curiosity, then put it back at its proper place

the faulty date is nothing but a simple clergical error

these occur regrettably often, as I am sure you are aware
Pretty Defendant says:
I actually have the rough copy of what Mr. Ego wanted in the obituary. Will you read it for me Mr. Luke
Alter Ego says:

You are here to testify for the court, miss defendant

kindly leave the defense attorney's job to the defense attorney
Pretty Defendant says:
But he has a prettier voice than I do

It would sound better if he read it
Hobo Luke says:
Clueless Judge Guy says:
Ahem, well

this *is unorthodox, but

read the statement, Mr. Hobo
Hobo Luke says:
Yes your honor

*clear throat*

"My dear friend passed away on 28th. While we're not sure what took his life so early, we can all remember him as a brilliant writer with a beautiful daughter. It was said he loved the smell of perfume, specifically that of a rose and acorn extract (!). His tastes were always unorthodox, but his friendship was not."


The perfume in question here

Is the deadly combo of rose extract and acorn extract...

The date of death is the same as the victim
Alter Ego says:
*grit teeth and sweating*
Hobo Luke says:
He was a beautiful writer

And his daughter is clearly beautiful

Alter Ego says:

*major recoil*
Hobo Luke says:



A serial killer unmasked? Or a baseless allegation? Stay tuned for part IX and find out the shocking truth of Prosecutor Ego's past.
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