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Shennanigans of the Adult Kind.

Posted December 16th, 2009 at 5:23 AM by Pokémon Ranger ✩ Moriarty

You know, it's really nice to have a copy of these conversations so that when I murder my parents and have to give evidence in court my children have me committed and the doctors with the pretty white coats wonder where the insanity came from, there is some evidence that it runs in the family.

[Conversation beforehand: we were talking about my late Grandpa and the money he left behind for my Grandmother.]

Mum: It's okay. I've got it all sorted so that when I pop my clogs, Becca can go out whoring to keep the family fortune up to its usual standard of prosperity.
Me: So that'll be about one customer a week, then.
Mum: I was thinking more one customer a month.
Dad: Pfff, she's got to have her spending money for all the eBaying she does.
Me: Yeah, ya cheapskates.


Mum: You know that book you've sent me the link to for Christmas, if you want, we can get the brand new copy.
Me: It's £50 new.
Mum: You know that book you've sent me the link to for Christmas, if you want, we'll get you the secondhand copy.
Me: You're too kind.

We went to put the Christmas tree up today and found that all three sets of lights are completely broken, so I had to dash out to Homebase to buy us some pretty new ones. When I got back we worked out that as our tree is 29 years old, the lights are about 27 years old. So hey, at least they lasted a long time. >.>;
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