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Posted January 18th, 2010 at 7:20 AM by Angela

So yeah, not been active on the forum.. Yeah the funeral was on Friday, ermm the weekend was ok. Went to a new years ball in school (I know they were kinda late with the planning xþ)..
I could post a picture.. Anyone like that? Nah probably not..

So now the exchanges student is sick, he has the flue, he got to stay home today.. I'm jealous.. And now that I'm home I have to listen to him have cold.. xD

So I was wondering if I should give wifi battling another try.. SSK just sent me a VM saying that he was remaking the EGL gym and that he wanted me to join, have no idea why, there are other people out there way better then me at wifi battling.

So yesterday I was trying to install a sound mixing program, cube something and I go online and try to found out what mount means.. Then after reading that I realize that the sims 3 game that I downloaded way back and I wasn't able to open once downloaded required the same thing as the sound recording program. So I spend the entire day trying to install it.. And surprise surprise it worked.. So I've been hooked on sims 3.. xD As for the sound recording program I kept getting some error messages that some file was missing.. So I've pretty much given up on that.. Unless anyone thats good with computer stuff wants to help me then say so.. I mean I can take screenies and send them...

Also I'd really want to thank NiKaNoRoU for helping me getting the song Street Kid from youtube to a mp3.. *Huggles* <3

So I'm just dropping by to let people know that I'm not dead, but if I'm not online and haven't been online for a while then I'm probably glued to sims 3... xD
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    NiKaNoRoU's Avatar
    Of course you're not dead ;o

    And, anytime. Hope that boredom drops dead.
    Posted January 18th, 2010 at 7:42 AM by NiKaNoRoU NiKaNoRoU is offline
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    .Bullet's Avatar
    If you're missing a specific file that a program needs to run, chances are it's a .dll file, and a quick google search will tell you how to download the specific file and set it up.
    Posted January 18th, 2010 at 7:57 AM by .Bullet .Bullet is offline

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