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My surprisingly successful Battle Tower team

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My surprisingly successful Battle Tower team

Posted October 26th, 2008 at 10:18 AM by BeachBoy
Updated November 7th, 2008 at 4:37 AM by BeachBoy

So, the other day my mother took the laptop to work and I found my Diamond version. Thankfully not completely destroyed, I went and threw some Pocket Monsters together and took on the Battle Tower. And much to my surprise, this slapped together team is doing very well.

So far it has a record of 42, that's not great, but I haven't played since that boredom and it's going well.

Uxie ; Duel Screens & Yawn. Yawn the first turn taking whatever hit, and screening whatever the attack is. Then while asleep Garchomp can safely set up Swords Dance like no tomorrow. (Not even a fear of Ice attacks is pretty awesome) And we all know how deadly a well defended +6 (or +4, usually get in at least two dances) really is. And Light Clay really extends those screens. Psychic in case worst comes to worst and it's the last Pocket Monster. I wanted to use Deoxys here but it's banned in the BT. ;/

Garchomp ; Swords Dance & Lum Berry. In case the opponent wakes up and tries to stop the potential sweep cold with Hypnosis, or Burns me. Lum Berry cures such and Garchomp continues to bash the opponent into oblivion. I could put Yache Berry, but the screens have been more than enough of a buffer. Once we get past the lead, it's really clear sailing, since set up Pocket Monsters like Double Team Dusknoir, Rotom, Togekiss, etc etc... don't have time to set those up.

Azumarill ; SubPunch, Priority. Occasionally a Machamp or some Pocket Monster tries to pull a focus sash counter on Chomp. This is really the only weakness. When this happens, Azumarill can come in and finish it off with Aqua Jet. It also has Aqua Ring for quick recovery paired with Leftovers. Substitute blocking attacks. Azu can even be a recipient of Uxie screens, to set Sub up and Focus Punch the opponent into a living hell. Then Garchomp can sweep the remains. :D I swear Azumarill so incredibly underrated. Unfortunately Azumarill doesn't get so much face time, since an early Garchomp sweep never fails apparently. XD

Fun team overall. Can't wait to see how far I can take this. And I'd love to transfer this over to Platinum when it hits stores here in the US.

The only team (Only one battle was tough) was a Rain Dance team. Floatzel, DDLapras, and Ludicolo all in the rain was really tough to take down. Luckily Azumarill had a sub up at the last second and won with a fierce Focus Punch.
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    Anti's Avatar
    great team, very vance weak tho =/

    (no it actually is good, props for using Azumarill)

    Posted November 14th, 2008 at 6:40 PM by Anti Anti is offline

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