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Kitties, Puppies, and Battle Contest System

Posted November 5th, 2008 at 6:58 PM by Nina
Updated July 7th, 2009 at 6:23 PM by Nina

Nali Nali Nali!~ x3 (Okay even I got bored of writing NaLi.)
She keeps trailing at my feet anywhere I go in my room. I walk anywhere and look down and she's right at my feet!
Poor Nali, Lina is being a spoiled btch and bulling her around. (Serenidy's only been dead a month Lina! You're not the Alpha Female!)

And Kyo makes jealous cries as if I've been cheating on him and he's heartbroken. It would be sad if he wasn't supposed to be the man-cat of the house and not an absolute drama queen. I wonder if he'll ever deal with it.

And Puppies. Kinda.

I thought about Reiji my Contest Riolu because of a certain topic.
(So I figured out I use excessive bold/italic/underline to emphasize my discontent.)
So I pulled him off the Ranch.

I've got to finish going through the last three Beauty and then I'll be done. I freaked out the first time I saw Fatina and Jasmine...but for some reason they really suck. I'm not sure why. And the random Joy was weird.

He's almost maxed out in Cool, Smart, and Cute, so those were easy. The Tough was well, a little Tough. Tough and Beauty have only about half max. I only won by a hair, and that hair was the Tough Scarf and amazingly not screwing up the dance. I want to go though Beauty but I'm hesitating because it'll be
1) Sad because I'll have beaten ALL contests types
2) Reiji might suffer his first lost

(Which reminds me. Who's putting up the DP 100 disscusion? The OTHER Reiji lost ONCE and he cowered all the way home according to Shinji.)

Though I might want to re-pull alot of my Pokemon off the ranch and breed some more contest babies. I want to try a pokemon good for fighting and contests for interest reason and...
I have what I call the MCFA Tournament. Or will have. Or want. Alot. Because no one else likes contests.

(I call everything Myrrh that is mine but I don't name after myself.)

All of this is under works.
Myrrh Contest-For-All (MCFA)

====Dividen Type====

-Coordinators sign up for which type of contest they wish to enter.
-The contests are set up with a minimum of 3 per contest.
-The top two players advance to the next round.
-Rounds are repeated with the top two of each contest going into the next round until there are 4 contests left.
-Only the first place winner advance to the final round from the semi-final 4 contests.
-The first and second place advance to the Battle Round.
-The top three of each type get small ribbons that may be necessary to compete in the Overall Type

Battle Round:

-It is up to individual ruling if you may change Pokemon from the Contests to the Battle Round.
-The Second Chance Bracket will play first.
-The first placers are put into the Main Bracket.
-The Second Chance Bracket is made up of the second place of the final contests. The winner of the Second Chance is put into the Main Bracket

Simple Battle

-Normal Battle Rules apply.

MCFA Point System *
-Any pokemon or move is eligible.
-Every move has a number of points, then is manipulated by battle events such as a super effective hit. Static points are given for K.O.s and status inflictions.
-The coordinator who advances is not the one with the most K.O.s and the battle win, even if they are worth points, but the most points overall.
(Think of catching the Snitch in Harry Potter)

-The ribbons are modeled of the Sinnoh Ribbons. The three highest ranks are given to the first, second, and third place winners. The smallest ribbon is given as an honorable mention. Honorable mention is the person not in the top three who earned the most points in overall battles if the MCFA System is used.

====Overall Type====

-All players that sign up will play in -all different- contests, unable to change Pokemon for each Contests.
-Individual ruling may require you placed in a Dividen Contest to participate an Overall Type, as this is the more Elite set-up.
-Players will go through the same way a Dividen Type goes but will be done one type at a time. Once one type is finished -all- players go through to the next type.
-The top four of each type will be given 10, 20, 30, and 50 points respectively. 6 people with the highest points will proceed with the Battle Round.

Battle Round:

-The more Elite Version you will not be able to switch Pokemon, so you will have to have a good contest moveset that applies to all types and battle moves.
-This is done exactly the same at the Dividen Type Battle Round, but the Overall Ribbons are given.

Point System*
Attack Moves:
-20 points are given if you hit. Points are multiplied by type usage. (x2 if supper effective, x.5 not very effective) All points are affect to their multiplier before battle effects are applied.
-When you miss you are given 1/4 your points. When your opponent dodges 1/4 points are given to the opponent, and 1/4 to you for the effort. 1/4 is ADDED to the overall points if a critical hit is given.
-10 points are given if you inflict a status effect on the opponent. 1 point is given each time the status effects them.
-Weather effects that damage are a -1 each time a Pokemon is hurt by it.
-35 Points are given for a K.O., 50 for a one-hit-K.O.
-75 Points are given for winning the overall battle.

*Still thinking of other moves besides normal attacks such as Recover.
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    xD You can vote on your own entry. How funny.
    Posted November 6th, 2008 at 5:30 AM by Nina Nina is offline
  2. Old Comment
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    ...I am offended.

    Oh, well, I'm fine with that.
    Posted November 19th, 2008 at 9:12 PM by Azumi Azumi is offline
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    Holy hell, that Riolu kicks... you know. o_o; I mean, my Wailord owns Beauty, all Hoenn (& the art) and all Sinnoh, but a Riolu going for everything?

    Jeez, you really are a true coordinator.

    Oh, well, I'll stick to my Battle Tower. >:3
    Posted November 19th, 2008 at 9:18 PM by BeachBoy BeachBoy is offline

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