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Haunting Hospital Hallways on Mother's Day

Posted May 8th, 2010 at 10:59 PM by Kavii

Nope, this isn't a post blog post about more Ghost type Pokemon or even Pokemon in general... for once.

This blog post is about Mother's Day (a holiday in the United States that is dedicated to mothers for those of you who are international) and why I am going to be spending it haunting hospital hallways.


I was visiting my family this week as part of our Mother's Day celebration when early on Tuesday morning (the one that just passed) and without any warning whatsover...

My mother was suddenly struck by an excruciatingly painful stabbing-like headache on the right side of her head. Extreme dizziness immediately set in and consequential vomiting began. Within minutes she lost partial sensation on the left side of her body and consequently lost partial left-sided mobility and self control.

My father was with her when this happened and was able to catch her before she managed to fall (she had been sitting down and was trying to stand up when she lost sensation in her left side) and yelled for me to dial 911 (United States number to dial in case of emergencies).

As I had just returned home that Monday night before, I was still asleep when I was yelled for early Tuesday morning and so it was a shock to say the least to hear my normally non-yelling father screaming my name at the top of his lungs. But as much as it was a shock to hear my father screaming for me, it was an even greater horror to see the state my mother was in. For the rest of my life, I will never ever forget what I saw even if I forgot everything else important to me.

Scrambling to gather my wits and to rouse my still half-asleep brain into full wakefulness, I dialed 911 with shaking hands and called them to send an ambulance to the family home.

The paramedics arrived within ten minutes with a fire truck in tow and after taking some vitals and asking some questions, questions, and still more damned questions, they got her on a gurney and out the door.

After she was rushed to the local hospital's Emergency Room, she underwent a CT scan which showed that she had just suffered a stroke from a spontaneous right-sided brain hemorrhage as a result of her many years of struggling with managing hypertension (high blood pressure).

After the results of the CT scan were looked over by the attending ER doctors and nurses and after a few phone calls were made, she was rushed to a different hospital - one that specialized in treating stroke patients.

She stayed there until Thursday afternoon - starting in ICU (intensive care unit where a 24 hour staff of specialized doctors and nurses monitor and treat patients who are in critical condition) and finally transitioning to a normal room - when she was then transferred yet again to another hospital to do what is called acute rehabilitation.

Today as I type, it is technically Sunday, May 08 of 2010 and it is Mother's Day and since my mother will be in acute rehabilitation during her Mother's Day...

That is where her family will be for her.

She's been my mother and has worn all different hats associated with being a mother - mother, nurturer, caregiver, someone to be admired, someone who sets rules, someone who breaks rules, confidante, and dear friend - throughout my life for different parts of my life and being there for her on Mother's Day is the absolute least thing I could do for her.

I mentioned in another blog entry that I'm not really much of a person for emotions, but... yeah.

Even grown adults cry sometimes and sometimes... they cry a lot.

Here's to you, mama - thanks for everything and everything and everything and then some more.

I wish more than anything else that I could take away your pain, but since I can't do that, I will try my best to show you a smile and be positive and upbeat for you and to simply BE THERE for you when I can.

Love you, mama.

Happy Mother's Day.

[I]~ Kavii[/I]
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    T3h Kaiser's Avatar
    Your positive outlook is pretty great, and it's good you'll be able to support her. My uncle has a business in California so he's unable to be here while my grandmother loses herself to Alzheimer's, and the guilt drives him crazy.

    Best wishes to you and yours. Just keep supporting her.
    Posted May 11th, 2010 at 12:23 AM by T3h Kaiser T3h Kaiser is offline
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    Kavii's Avatar
    Originally Posted by T3h Kaiser View Comment
    Your positive outlook is pretty great, and it's good you'll be able to support her. My uncle has a business in California so he's unable to be here while my grandmother loses herself to Alzheimer's, and the guilt drives him crazy.

    Best wishes to you and yours. Just keep supporting her.
    Thank you very much for the well wishes; I really really appreciate them - especially now in this time frame that I am (stuck) in.

    It's been both at once encouraging and heartbreaking to watch my mother endure through all of this.

    It is encouraging because her prognosis so far is very good but at the same time, it is heartbreaking because the stroke did happen and it is painful to watch her struggle and feel disappointed/frustrated with herself when she realizes she is unable to do some of the things she used to be able to do alone.

    I have a younger sibling, actually, who's away finishing up university (graduating at the end of this quarter) and so isn't able to come home to watch over our mother and they're feeling the same sort of guilt, too, of being unable to be there because other happenings in life take priority.

    Despite the fact that our mother has told them to keep school their priority and to finish up and graduate no matter what, it doesn't stop the guilt from bubbling up now and again.

    It really freaking stinks to be forced to choose between priorities in life and make one priority higher than another when in reality, there really is no real/true way to gauge the values and weight in the priorities...

    But life goes on and life isn't always fair, right?

    Thanks again for commenting; your words reached me at a time when I need them the most.
    Posted May 11th, 2010 at 8:46 PM by Kavii Kavii is offline

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