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Burger King + barbecue = better than expected

Posted May 29th, 2010 at 12:17 PM by Timbjerr

Here's a fun story. Between my brother and I, there's only one car between us. i drive it work if I have to and if I don't need it, he'll borrow it to drive to work. Today was one of those odd days where he needed to go to work, but I couldn't give him the car (I'm taking it into the shop in a little bit), and he can't walk to work or he'll risk being late.

He then bribed me with fast food so I can give him a ride myself. There's a Burger King in the same parking lot as the Kroger he works at. When we walked in, something odd, yet strangely enticing caught our eyes. They were promoting a new menu item, smoked pork ribs like you'd find in any half-decent barbecue restaurant. with both of us being from Texas and having had our fair share of barbecue in or lives, we were more than a little skeptical about Burger King serving them, but we were determined to try the name of science.

They weren't that fact they were every bit as good as the ribs you'll find in a middle-class barbecue restaurant. They're awfully small though (as if they used a hacksaw to cut the full-size rack of ribs in half longways before cooking them), and a bit pricey for Burger King order of six costing $8.49. If I ever had the cash to burn though, I'd buy them again just to snack on while surfing PC...just so I can say I'm eating Burger King barbecue while laughing at n00bs in the B/W forum. XD
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