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Keep It Satisfying: Setting Goals

I journal about collecting one of each card from all English-language base sets and expansions (with a few exceptions/conditions). I keep it short and sweet, and concentrate on observations and tales of adventure, not lists of what cards I got on a given day.
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Keep It Satisfying: Setting Goals

Posted July 17th, 2010 at 5:20 PM by piecemeal

Collecting all these cards is going to be a long and winding road and I'm looking to get as much out of it as I can. Completing sets is an obvious goal. Completing single cards is equally plain. But I'm noticing other achievements as I go. I've found that making milestones by measuring the collection in different ways is a rewarding process.

"At least one card from all sets" is a nice early-going payoff that I reached in the last month. Incidentally this meant that I hit the "At least one common from all sets" milestone/achievement as well (still missing at least one rare/uncommon from a couple of sets). These achievements make sense and matter to me. Others that I can think of don't, so I don't measure them.

I'm counting "Hundreds" - as in 100% - when I complete a small subset of my overall goal. I have the card library divided by set and rarity. Each set has four Hundreds possible - one each for commons (get all the common cards from that set), uncommons, rares, and another one for all cards complete. For what I'm collecting, that's 168 Hundreds possible. I decided not to get into subclasses of rarity such as ultra-rare. Too tedious. So far I'm 3/168 with all the commons from Fossil and all the commons and uncommons from Neo Discovery. Woo-Hoo!

It's nice to have diverse payoffs for collecting. Rarity Hundreds like the three I wrote about above aren't very difficult to get and make a nice intermediate success between completing single cards and completing sets. Having chances for success such as these is a good way to build more satisfaction into the long and arduous process of collecting a large number of cards.

Completing the collection is something I'm not even thinking about. Moreso because sets are coming out nearly as fast as I can complete them!
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