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Posted August 27th, 2010 at 9:52 AM by professor plum
Updated August 27th, 2010 at 10:14 AM by professor plum

Hi guys. n_n;
this past week has basically sucked so hardcore.

It began on Thursday, the 19th.

It started off normally. The next day, I was moving to college, so yeah. I was pretty stoked.
I went to the gas station by my mom's store to get my usual starbucks frappucino drink [coffee flavored, y'all]..and as I was getting out, my phone slipped out of my hand and fell onto the ground and shattered.
As if that wasn't enough, I called the money network people, aka the people in charge of the refunding of my student loans and whatnot, and found out that something was wrong with account.

The computer was like "well, I'm going to connect you to customer service, bb."

Two hours of being on hold with absurdly annoying music and the persistent message "You have reached [somethingoranother]." every minute later, I gave up and went home.

I looked on the financial aid website, and it turns out that I had to fill out a MPN and take some entrance counseling thing.
So, I needed a pin number to fill that out. Which...my sister had. My sister was at orientation for her college, so that meant we couldn't call her.
I briefly got a hold of her though, and told her the situation.
She promptly sent the pin via email to my mother, but didn't tell any of us.
So, my mom tried to do the security question thing..and my pin was suspended.

Therefore, a new one had to be requested. ^-^;
The next day, we got to Tyler to set up everything and it was all good. Well, except for the fact that my mom accidentally caused my bookshelf to shatter, and then it turned out we lost a pole that was needed for my above-bed shelf.

To top the day off, when I was tossing trash into the dumpster, I accidentally tossed my mom's keys into it. ^-^;
Luckily, she had a backup pair.

The next day, my father put the bookcase back together, and brought it over. He also went into the dumpster to get aforementioned keys.

So, everything was good.
I was like, it's all gonna be okay ^-^;

Then, I tried to start my laptop..which was like, "You need to run start up repair."
So, I did.
Overnight and well into the afternoon.
So, on Monday afternoon, my parents got my laptop to take to my brother so it could be fixed, and my dad lent me his laptop.

So, Tuesday night, I went to workout with my amazing friends who live a building behind me. I changed in the locker room, and apparently either then, or when I walked out to my truck, my wallet fell out.

Luckily for me, it was stolen. ^-^;; It had my debit card, a few gift cards, license, student ID, and my student ID card.

So, the next day, after classes, I went back to the gym to check on the situation, because I obviously talked to the front desk.
They brought campus police over, and the guy told me they found some of my stuff. I was like "Oh, yay."
He takes me over to the Campus Police station, gives me my license and student ID card which had been found in two different locations in the parking lot in front of the gym. My student ID has scuff marks on it. But, at least I have that back. Fortunately, my mother canceled my debit card, and yeah. I went back Wednesday afternoon to get a new one.

My parents also did my laundry while I was back at home, which was nice. So, while I was at home, I talked to one of my roommates on facebook chat. This was around 6 pm.
It's the last time I've talked to him.

So, at the time, I had a weird feeling that I had to get back to the apartment. So, I got back around 10 pm wednesday night.

My other roommates, Parker and Cody, were out and asleep respectively. Around 11:30, Parker arrived, and we chatted for a while.
After a while, I was like, "Dude, where is Billy? He should be back by now.."
I called his cellphone; it was in his room.
We looked in his room; everything looked like he was only going to be gone for like an hour at the most, like usual.

The last time Parker had talked to him was like 5, so that made me the last person to talk to him.

Figuring he'd be back - perhaps he had went to the campus movie or something - we waited til twelve. We wanted to make sure he would lock the door, because he usually forgot.
Then one am.
Then two am.
We gave up then, and went to bed.

The next day, we went to our respective classes, and eventually got back to the apartment to check and see if he had been by.
Yet, still no sign of him.
I was worried, at this point. It was well into the afternoon, and his stuff was still in his room. Parker was somewhat worried, and Cody figured he was just off somewhere doing something.
I called my mother at some point, and we shared our concerns: what if he had been arrested with drugs [he occasionally does pot, but not much anymore], what if he was run over, etc.

So, Parker and I came to the agreement we'd go to the campus police at four if he wasn't back by then.
Walking to the station took about five minutes. It wasn't that bad.

We walk in, and I talk to the guy behind the window in the front. I tell him we have a "possible missing person". And he laughs.
I'm thinking to myself, "Well, what the hell do you call a person who is missing!? That's totally what they do on tv!"
But, the guy was like, "Okay, who wants to deal with this 'missing persons case'.

A Lady came out, and I started telling her about what happened. She was being very rude at first, and then, abruptly, asked for a name.
We told her, and then, she was like, "Oh."
She brought out another officer, who told us what had happened.

He went longboarding shortly after our conversation, and was involved in an accident. He was in ICU at a nearby hospital, and was in it since yesterday evening.

That's all they would tell us.
So, Parker and I went to the Student Life office where Cody works, and told him what was going on. A lady who worked behind the desk overheard us talking, and then provided us with a few more details:
When they found him, he was unconscious.
He had a heavy blow to the head.
He was still in ICU as of yesterday.

So, yeah. She gave us directions to the hospital and whatnot, but I had a class to go to at 6.

We're planning on visiting him this afternoon, shortly after Cody is done with work.
I'm still very annoyed that they didn't contact us and tell us what happened with him so we didn't have to worry. It's only common courtesy.

However, college hasn't been all bad.
I've made a lot of friends, and it's pretty amazing. I'm getting involved in the Campus Activities Board and the Queers and Allies organization. I'm definitely looking forward to being active in both of them.
As I mentioned, I have amazing friends here who went to the same highschool I went to. They live in the building behind me. :D
We got a new wallet, and a temp debit card. No charges were made on my other debit card.
My iPhone screen has hence been fixed.
I'm getting my laptop back tomorrow, I think.
I know a lot of people in classes.
I love my classes so far. [I'm taking Intro to Programming, some other computer class that I haven't been to yet, American Government, Intro to Ethics, Cinema Appreciation, and a Programming lab, which translates to 16 college hours this semester. By the of this semester, I'll be a sophomore with 31 hours:)]
Freedom is amazing.
My roommates are awesome. Our apartment is amazing. We have surroundsound in the living room, and it's like.. the bomb dot com.
My room is fiercely decorated. And, yeah.

College is definitely an experience. I'm loving it so far. :)
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    ..wow. :(

    /feels bad for you

    Sucks about all the bad things, but at least there was some good!
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