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Opinion: Generation 5 Pokemon (Part Two: Yooterii - Hiyakki)

Posted October 8th, 2010 at 2:47 PM by Gulpin
Updated April 5th, 2011 at 1:32 PM by Gulpin

Welcome to part two of my opinion article of all of the new Pokemon from Black and White. This part will feature Yooterii and his evolutions, Choroneko and his evolution, and all three elementaly monkeys with their evolutions. In the spoiler is what Pokemon are in each part and a link to the previous articles (ie, in this spoiler there will be a link to part one). Enjoy!

Part One: Victini - Miruhoggu
Part Two: Yooterii - Hiyakki
Part Three: Munna - Kokoromori
Part Four: Moguryuu - Dageki
Part Five: Kurumiru - Basurao
Part Six: Meguroko - Shinpora
Part Seven: Desumasu - Chirachiino
Part Eight: Gochimu - Baibanira
Part Nine: Shikijika - Denchura
Part Ten: Tesshiido - Shandera
Part Eleven: Kibago - Kojondo
Part Twelve: Kurimugan - Aianto
Part Thirteen: Monozu - Zekrom
Part Fourteen: Randorosu - Genosekuto

#012 Yooterii #013 Haderia #014 Muurando

Let's start out with their appearances. I really like the appearance of the first two. They remind me a bit of my two Shih-Tsu's and they look really good. I also like everything about Muurando exept that he looks to be too tall or something. The second layer of fur (that is grayish) makes it look taller than I think it should be. It may just be the way the sprite is made though. I also think the bottom fur makes it's front feet look out of place. I do like everything else about Muurando though, especially the long beard. As for ther shinies, Yooteri looks like a normal shiny and is fine, and I really, really, really love Haderia's shiny. I think the grey fur makes it look so amazing. And Muurando's shiny is okay. I think it would look better if the top part of it's beard wasn't so yellow. Stat wise they look pretty ok, with an attack at 100. Overall, these guys are kinda neutral to me (I wouldv'e liked em better if Muurando was as awesome as Haderia) so they get a 6/10.

#015 Choroneko #016 Reparudasu

Now we come to Choroneko, the ill-natured Pokemon, and Reparudasu, the cruelty Pokemon. I like their apperances pretty well. When Choroneko was leaked I thought it's head was a bit big, but now it looks fine(ish). Out of the two, I really like Reparudasu. I love cat Pokemon (and cats in general) and Reparudasu may be my favorite of the cat Poke's. I really like Choroneko's shiny sprite, but Reparudasu's isn't very pleasing to me. I would've liked it better if the part around the eyes blended better. They have a very nice speed, but seem to be lacking everywhere else. Choroneko probably would've made it on my team if there weren't better dark types early on. Overall, they get a 6/10.

#017 Yanappu #018 Yanakki

Now we make it to the first of the elemental mokeys: Yanappu and Yanakki. Out of the three monkeys these two are probably my least favorite, mainly due to Yanakki. And of Yanakki, it would be his hair-due/bush thing that I dislike. I really enjoy Yanappu, though. I like the little bush on it's head and its sprite animation. when it comes to Yanakki I really hate the long out of place looking bush, and its weird ears (not really the ears, just the ears mixed with the bush thing). Other than that, Yanakki is fine. Overall, these guys get a 6/10.

#019 Boappu #020 Boakki

Next we have the fire type monkeys, Boappu and Boakki. Of the three monkey lines, these come in second. Once again I love everything about Boappu (I especially love his hand up by his ear and his innocent look). As for Boakki, I think he's ok. The weird look on his face and the way he holds his hands just looks odd and weird. The fire on its head doesn't seem to be in place either. However, on Boakki, I mainly dislike the way it's sprite turned out looking. I really like his tail, too. They are on my team because I chose Mijumaru and they were convienent and helpful for me. They don't have the best stats, but its good enough for me. Overall, they get a 7/10.

#021 Hiyappu #022 Hiyakki

Now we move on to the last Pokemon in this section, Hiyappu and Hiyakki. These two are the water elemental monkeys, and my favorite of the elemental monkeys. I think that Hiyappu is cute and really like the fountain-like formation on his head. I really like how his eyes are closed, and pretty much everything about him. The same goes for Hiyakki. I like the hair-like water formation on it's head and I especially like its little chest plate type thing. These guys would've definitely made my team if I didn't already have Mijumaru. Overall, they will get an 8/10.
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