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Installed module: Cutely painted nails.ado

Posted October 22nd, 2010 at 7:15 PM by Melody

Well, what can I say? After wearing nail polish a mere three weeks, I must say that I am very deeply in love with painting my nails. <3

Because of this, I'm gonna wear my nails painted all the time. <3
Why? Because I can. Because painting my nails makes me feel like myself more, and less like what people always want me to be. Because it's an expression of love for myself...I adorn myself for myself. Not because I feel like I lack anything in the looks department, I just feel like a little splash of color on my body is cute...and it's one of the few cute things that modern-day men have taken back from the 'feminine' label.

Not to mention, wearing nail polish is quite effective at one thing in particular; bringing the bigoted people out into the light. The bigoted and immature people will make rude comments continually...which will alert me to the fact that they're bigoted so I can just ignore them, stay away or tell them to stfu if they're not gonna stop.

Still, there is much more. It really brings out a bit of confidence in me. Being myself and loving myself very deeply for every bit of self-expression I can muster without drawing too much fire is very fulfilling.

As such, I'm going to keep painting my nails, and keep them painted all the time until such a time that I deem it unnecessary to a situation or no longer needed for self-expression.
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