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Things Are Looking Up

Posted December 1st, 2010 at 6:38 PM by Misheard Whisper

Darn right they are.

1) NaNoWriMo is over. I do love writing, I really do, but after a month straight I kind of needed a breather. (Finished with 127,649 words, btw)

2) On the exact same day, my exams finished. They were really hanging over me like some freakin' Sword of Damocles and it was a huuuge relief to have them over.

So now, what do I do? Now, I can do all the things that a) I told myself I could do as a reward for finishing NaNo and b) I swore off until exams were over. These include several novels, a whole lot of Pokemon games, and the Playstation.

Also, I'm going to be doing a whole load of writing, still - just without all the urgency. I have two novel-y things lying around thanks to NaNo: one is finished, and wants editing - the other is the beginning of this epic-length fanfiction that was originally an original story (that's a mouthful), and wants finishing.

So, what has been going on in my life since I left PC a while back? (Well, more like I just faded into the background. Wasn't missed much.) Mostly exams and NaNoWriMo, as you may have guessed. I've been taking both NCEA (the local system, kinda like SATs) and IGCSEs, which means a total of ten exams within the space of a month. @[email protected]

I think they went well, though, with the exception of NCEA Lv 2 Maths, which is just bleeeeh. I did so badly. T_T I walked out of all my NCEA exams early, though - NCEA has a reputation for not being terribly challenging. Yet still, less than 75% of Year 11 passed last year. It's not hard to pass - four subjects will give you more than ninety credits if you pass everything, and every student takes six subjects, so it's not as if you have to keep a perfect record. You can fail nearly half of your exams and still pass overall.

I don't really get it. A quarter of the year failing? That's pretty sad stuff. And I don't think the school is at fault either, because we have a reputation for being one of the top academic schools in NZ. So if it's not the school, the teachers or the exams themselves, whose fault is it?

Yeah, I don't think I even need to answer that.

But anyway, exams are over for the year, and I have NEVER felt so free. So, seeing as the year is essentially over (no more school, woo!) I have decided this is a good time to review the goals I made back in April. Spoiler'd for length.

Pass all my NCEA assessment standards with Merit (will mean something to you Kiwis out there - rest of ya, not so much)
This, I think I've done. I got Merits in all my internals so far, and the externals went well . . . ish. I'm officially not counting Maths.

Achieve Excellence in a particular Classics internal
Got it.

Not have a mental breakdown
Done. As far as I'm aware, at least. I came dangerously close a couple of times.

Walk or jog for at least 40 minutes a day, not including to and from school.
Nyeh, not really. I fell out of the habit over winter, because it was too cold to walk in the mornings and evenings.

Excluding Wednesdays, when I will go to badminton club for two hours each week.
Yep. I think I only missed two weeks of badminton this year, when I had pressing matters to attend to.

Look into joining the school badminton club as well, if it will fit

Ultimately, be able to at least jog this year's cross-country non-stop without having to walk
I did it! Didn't have to stop and walk at all, iirc.

Clear up this asfaewugkwubiqbsa acne D:
Yeah, well . . . it's a work in progress.

Edit my novella, Artificial (which I finished the first draft of yesterday) to the standard at which it could be published

Start looking into publishing options in my area for said novella
Hmm, this . . . I actually haven't touched Artificial since a couple of days after the goals blog was posted. :/

Finish the new fanfiction I recently started, Fractured, and make it not fail.
yeah ok I failed this one too. Moving on.

Pass my creative writing internal with Excellence (also comes under 'School'). I'd never live it down if I got anything less than top marks.
Done. Easiest three credits ever.

Learn to write poetry in iambic pentameter
>_L Why is this even on the list? And no, I didn't.

WIN NANOWRIMO AGAIN IN NOVEMBER (despite November being exam month and me having a full set of exams for the first time :0)
Completed NaNo two and a half times over. :D GO ME

Finish SoulSilver for a second time without trading in help partway through. Beat Red.
Er, yep. I did manage this eventually. @[email protected] Took so long, though.

Get the 'caught' section on my Platinum PokeDex over 200
Umm, still sitting on 155. ;;;

Well, on the whole, I feel I've done OK this year. 2010 was good while it lasted, and now I have two full months of summer holiday! \o/

Just been reading through my old blog entries before I 'left' PC. XD Some of them are really hilarious, especially the comments. Just remember that whatever complaints I may have had about PC, I really do love you guys.

So, Christmas is just around the corner again. For the second year in a row, I finished all my shopping before the end of November, and for the second year in a row, I did it all at one store. Not the same one as last year, but still a book store regardless.

Yeah, some time in the next few weeks I'm going to do a proper tl;dr megablog about my year, but for now, I'll just leave you with this. And I do hope to be a lot more active on PC again from now. I've got some fanfiction to review (because nowhere near enough people do that) and there's Japanese Entertainment and Other Entertainment to hang around as well.
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