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Stop leaving at the credits, people!!! JEEZE! ;_;

Posted June 2nd, 2009 at 11:26 AM by Kura
Updated June 2nd, 2009 at 5:41 PM by Kura

So I went to see Up yesterday. It wasn't in 3D, but damn, it was so beautiful!
It made me cry so many times throughout. It was such an amazing story, too.

What really made me feel for it, too, is that I realize how much work the animators, riggers, background artists, story artists, and etc, do to get the final product looking like this.

And then it makes me so sad when people decide to leave during the credits. These people put in hard work for years! A film like this doesn't take a couple months! People don't realize that texture artists need to gather up pictures and study DIRT for MONTHS just to get the ground to look right in an animated film!
This is what Pixar does to make sure everything looks the best in their films! It's why their films always come out on top!
:/ And then they don't even stay two more minutes to give those people the respect they deserve for doing such an amazing job on the film.

I feel like since I started my animation course at school, I feel bad if I ever skip the credits at the end. I feel like it's showing respect to those people.. and I think everyone should stay through the credits.

Anyways.. I thought that Up was so amazing.. and I hope to have the chance to work on a film like that in the future!

:3 Everyone should go see it! <3 You won't regret it!
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    I'm jealous of you for meeting Steve Jobs. :
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