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Who wants to answer some random science questions!?

Posted June 9th, 2009 at 5:52 PM by parallelzero

Probably nobody, but I need to do some surveys for my final science culminating, so if anyone has some free time... please? =D

1. Would you consider your understand of the H1N1 virus (Swine Flu) limited? Do you think this is a result of how the media relays news about it?

2. What steps could the media take to make the public more aware of the threats of dangerous viruses like H1N1?

3. Do you think scientists will come up with a cure anytime soon? Why or why not?

4. Can you think of any incidents in the past that you lived through where a new vaccine had to be found to cure a quickly spreading disease?

5. Do you ever find yourself concerned with things like what you’re burning for fuel or the quality of your water? Why or why not?

6. If using crude oil became a cleaner ordeal, do you think prices would rise or drop with our current economy?

7. Do you think that alternative energy sources are efficient enough to become suitable replacements for natural gases in the future?

8. Do you think that if a battery for alternative energy sources that extended the usage time was mass produced, it would make use of such devices more widespread?

9. A radio chip has recently been developed that is efficiently based off the cochlea in the human ear. Do you think the human body could be a source for other scientific breakthroughs in the near future?

10. If communication technology continues to grow, do you think humanity will completely become reliant on it in contrast to unconventional, outdated methods such as mailing letters and having phone calls?
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    Nina's Avatar
    I suffer from being an ignorant American. So yeah, this will be a little sad.

    1. Yes. Sorta, it's also me not looking into it.

    2. ...More stuff on the news I guess? Listing symptoms instead of only saying "Cases have been reported in ___" and making people panic.

    3. I don't have enough information about it. I don't really know if it's like flu or if it's like something else. Didn't do so well in Biology and like I said I don't know too much about it.

    4. I can't think of anytime, but I was never aware of the world around me all that much till recently.

    5. Sorta...I do not care to much about what specifically is in my life as it's not effecting me, but I do think about things like that in a general sense for the world.

    6. No.

    7. In the future, it could be done.

    8. Yes.

    9. Sure, we've survived in the world long enough. Obviously somethings about our bodies are advantageous.

    10. Heck, yes. I am already not liking talking on the phone as I've never had to do it that much, but I do enjoy letters. We don't think and process information in a conversation as it is rare (in my high school environment) to have intellectual conversations without having time to prepare thoughts.
    Posted June 9th, 2009 at 6:15 PM by Nina Nina is offline
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    Cherrim's Avatar
    1. Not limited, really. During the huge hype I kept up with the news via radio and internet news sites so I knew what I needed to know. The media severely overhyped it to the point where everyone got sick of it [er, no pun intended] and now even the media's grown bored and any H1N1 news has been delegated to sub-headlines of news sites. Now when apparently we're only just nearing the stage where it could be called a "pandemic," it's too hard to find good information. Yeah the media needs to relay it better.

    2. If it's huge enough to be talked about for hours during primetime TV/radio, it's big enough to be mentioned often afterwards until the pandemic has either been controlled, dealt with, whatever. I think how they handled it in the sources I followed was well-done, even if over-hyped, at first, but now it's just completely dropped from the radar save telling me how people are getting it in Iqaluit.

    3. Eh, they'll have a basic cure sometime this year but testing takes a while too. I'm not sure how long any of this typically takes but apparently progress is being made so yes?

    4. SARS? lol, they never found one though, iirc. It just kinda tapered off and they used regular antibiotics and existing treatments to help people get over it on their own.

    5. Nope.

    6. iirc oil isn't really dictated by the economy itself? it kinda keeps its own pricing agenda. I forget what that is though, lol. Either way I have no idea.

    7. Near future, no no no. More distant future? Sure. They'll have to do eventually.

    8. Again, very distant future. People are too attached to and deeply rooted in current power technology to switch over.

    9. Yes definitely.

    10. Yes. Youth today already have issues talking on the phone and are more comfortable with IM, text, websites, and email. Hell, most schools don't even teach kids how to write properly anymore. ("So long as it's mostly legible, it's okay.")
    Posted June 9th, 2009 at 6:31 PM by Cherrim Cherrim is offline
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    1. I know very little about it, but I do believe the media plays it up as worse than it really is, especially considering it first affected Mexico, which, in reality, has very poor medical services.

    2. They could get their facts straight. . That's a start.

    3. Considering there's no cure for influenza, I highly doubt they can find a cure for swine flu.

    4. Nope.

    5. Yes, I do because who knows what is placed in my water and who knows what kind of noxious gases are in the fuel?

    6. Considering our current suckish government, they'd probably rise either way.

    7. Do you think that alternative energy sources are efficient enough to become suitable replacements for natural gases in the future?

    8. It's very possible, yes.

    9. Of course! It's happened before.

    10. Yes, I do believe that. Humans have already lost survival instinct, for one, because of not living out in the open like we used to. So who's to say that technology dependance isn't a possibility?

    I love sciencey stuff. XD =3
    Posted June 9th, 2009 at 6:45 PM by ShinjisLover ShinjisLover is offline
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    bgt's Avatar
    The answer to all your questions is "boobs".
    Posted June 9th, 2009 at 7:03 PM by bgt bgt is offline

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