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Posted August 20th, 2009 at 10:31 PM by engage'

I'm basically going to spam this blog with what I do every day. It's going to be a project of mine - I'm going to write a blog entry every single day for the rest of this year, and read it all on Christmas.

Well, let's get started.

First I woke up at around 6.30am - had a bad dream (which I can't remember.)
I then tried to get back to sleep, which failed miserably, so I gave up and got up. I went to the toilet, then went into the kitchen to find Mum making toast and tea. I didn't have any - I'm horribly sick.
So then I went back to my room, and rejoiced at the fact that I had no school. And then I realised how hungry I was, but I wasn't allowed to eat anything good, in case it upset my stomach. So then I went back into my room and jumped on the computer.
I realised I hadn't been on PC in a long long time, so I promised myself to return later on that afternoon (which is now). I got on Call Of Duty and played for a little while, but I was too tired and my reflexes were terrible. So I went out into the lounge room and watched TV. The morning TV shows are reeeeeally bad, so I went into my room and started to think about what to do. Mum came in and told me to have a shower, so I went and did so. In the shower, I started to make a plan for my day, which I do often. I got out, dried, clothed myself and went to check on ym sister. She had gotten up, so I went to speak to her.

"Hai Gemma! :3" said Aden.
"What do you want." is the reply.

So I gave up on that, and got on World Of Warcraft. XD; I jumped on my 31 Hunter and played for a bit, mainly just mucking around. Then I decided I wanted to tame a new pet, so I went to STV and tamed a Gorilla. Then I mucked about with him again, picked up some quests, and got to levelling. I dinged 32, and I'm only 4-5 bars away from 33. Then I ran around in Booty Bay, got my rear kicked by a level 30 Paladin (I wasn't paying attention), and afk'd in Grom'Gol and started to watch Harry Potter 5. I was enjoying it up until the disc stuffed up, so I had to skip half of the movie to pass the glitch. Then it died again, so I gave up, and remembered my early promise to get on PC. I had a look around the Art forums, the VIP forums and some other places, to see what had changed. I then started clicking on profiles of people I knew, to see how much they had changed. After clicking on a few, I got to Gummy's page. I read his post about his grandfather, which I found extremely sad, and got a bit miserable thinking about my Pop. Then I started writing this. :3

So yeah, that's my day so far. I might update if anything interesting happens.

Bai Bai.
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    Forever's Avatar
    I'm basically going to spam this blog with what I do every day.
    ... Don't do that, could be a bad idea. :[
    Posted August 20th, 2009 at 11:26 PM by Forever Forever is offline
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    .Seth's Avatar
    tl ; dr
    Posted August 21st, 2009 at 1:08 PM by .Seth .Seth is offline
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    You spelled 21th wrong.
    Posted August 21st, 2009 at 7:08 PM by Sublime Sublime is offline
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    Dr. Octogonapus's Avatar

    Aww, that sucks though. :3
    Posted August 21st, 2009 at 7:08 PM by Dr. Octogonapus Dr. Octogonapus is offline

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