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Been thinking a lot recently..

Posted September 22nd, 2009 at 5:38 PM by XxDawnfanxX

Lately, I have found myself thinking about my life and random aspects in it. I have been thinking realistically and unrealistically which isn't a bad thing. I gave found myself dragging through life these past few months. At least, more noticeably since school began. I find myself doing absolutely nothing on weekdays but I usually have a good time on the weekends. I have felt really drained lately, lacking motivation and I have no idea why.

Pokemon has had a big effect on my life, one I thought it would never have. I am a normal 17 year old teenager but I find pokemon is a getaway from reality for a little and I find I can enjoy myself with it for a little. I act completely normal as anyone my age should, but in my spare time I picture a peaceful world, even myself with friends in a pokemon world. These thoughts make me happy if one day there were to be a world beyond this, maybe even a place like this after I pass over in a long time I hope lol. Pokemon brings out a different side of me, an emotional side. I feel like it is something I know a lot about and really am interested in. People who think it's lame wouldn't think that at all if it were real. Of course, these are just little fantasy thoughts before I get back into reality and move ahead in life. But as I was saying, I am a hockey player so I tend to want to keep a good, normal rep but pokemon is a different side to me. I feel like I can be whatever I want when it comes to that. Watching the Kanto/Johto amine, the show I grew up with is something I love to do. I hated when Misty left, but of course I like Dawn from Sinnoh. I was crushed when Misty had left. The games are very exciting to me and I am very good at them, I have had a great record on wifi battles and it makes me wonder how good of a trainer I'd be if this world was real. Just the freedom and peace of it is incredible to think of. It would be a great lesson for us humans if we had something such as pokemon to help us learn to live in peace and cooperate with a different thing of life. Plus the bonding with them would be great. I'd love to be able to travel all over different regions with my friends, it would be simply amazing. Of course, back to reality I am surprised something such as Pokemon has had such an impact on my life. I have a lot of friends yet pokemon has gotten me through the rougher times. I was into it when I was young then I got out of it because I found it childish, I got back into it a few years ago and it seems like I will be for a long time. That has just what has been on my mind recently, creative, weird? I have no idea lol.
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    lol, well looks like were in the same boat,

    But I tend to day dream about an adventure and or just hanging out with my Pokemon.

    I've even gone as far as creating "an imaginary friend", thats actually a Pokemon, I keep him in my head of course, I don't want to be made fun of at work which is usually where I do most of my day dreaming.
    Posted September 22nd, 2009 at 7:55 PM by Buoysel Buoysel is offline

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