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I miss writing fanfiction sometimes. Then I remember I have 3 projects to finish.

Posted September 13th, 2008 at 11:01 PM by Sammi
Updated September 13th, 2008 at 11:08 PM by Sammi (typo...)

I figure I'll update my PC blog with something sort of related to Pokemon: Fanfiction!
...well, not really. It's more of a general writing entry.

So, tonight, I decided to voice chat with a friend and read my old fanfic -- just for laughs, as it was very, very bad. I went into my drawer and suddenly realized that I had so much writing that was now outdated. And it's almost all there. One notebook that I know of is missing because the cat peed on it. And this doesn't count what was just typed onto the computer, but went missing during a computer move or reformat. There may also be missing notebooks somewhere, but I can only think of one I don't actually have on me.

What can I say. I'm a pack rat.

Anyway, I thought it'd be interesting to take some pictures of it!

So, here's the overall picture.

Note: Not all pages in some notebooks are full, and some of it IS missing.

From the left:
- Current writing (all three series: [ch] draft 2.5, [sa] draft 2, and [p-r], one story loosely based off of Planets)
- [ch] draft 2
- [ch] draft 1
- The Timetravelers (the Pokemon fanfic that basically became [ch] and [sa], minus the Pokemon bits), and
- My old fantasy series, Planets.

(The links are zoomed-in pictures of the piles.)

One average-sized pile of writing, and then four other piles... I guess this is what happens when you write for six years.

I had been feeling bad about not feeling like a real writer, for not throwing out most of my current draft. Then, I realized that I have thrown out stuff becuase it was junk. It's just been happening for years.

I'm sure I'll get to serious editing of what I currently write when I actually get it all typed up. That's really my priority. I haven't finished a series since the Timetravelers. I'd love to actually say "IT'S DONE! Now let's tear it apart!" for a change instead of "THIS IS JUNK! KILL IT!" when I reach halfway.


To focus on the fanfiction... it was crazy. If you're really that curious and can stand me when I'm hyper, then read the summary on Livejournal. NOTE: There is swearing. And if you read it before, some of it was edited.

Yes. It was that bad.

I'm still surprised it was never torn apart. Then I remember it was posted on Fanfiction.net, and anime fic there (at least at the time) wasn't too popular. The stories only had a handful of reviews each, all of which I've lost, since it's not actually up on FF.net anymore, but I had a fan once! It must've been the crowning moment of awesomeness for me, for me to say "Ash and Misty should have triplets, duh!" and for someone to recognize it. :D

I did write a draft after this, one that was probably worked even less. Again, good concept, but I don't know if it really fit in the Pokemon world. If you want to see how far I got, you can look on FF.net. (Forgive the bad fanfic. I haven't written anything there in, apparently, four years.)

After this comes how that strange fanfic turns into what I write today. I'll put it in spoiler tags if you're not terribly interested.
After that short time on FF.net... I decided it was better as original fiction. Thus, I started [ch] draft 1. It kept the psychics (except time travel, sort of), government organization, the main trio of Natalie/Lance/Arielle, and the Celedon family, now purely focused on taking the country I made for them. Well... for the introduction, anyway. It drifted away from that fast for other plotlines. I then threw it out because I started focusing on gods, and I felt that kind of conflicted with my faith at the time. So I threw it all out and started [ch] draft 2 my senior year of high school.

[ch] draft 2 goes back to what I missed from the Timetravelers: the government organization and the Natalie/Lance/Arielle trio, not just Natalie. The first and half of the second story are still used in the current draft (2.5), but after the second story, I decided to go a different direction, hence the [ch] draft 2 pile.

During high school, I started reading the fanfiction notebooks, and found I still missed some things that [ch] just couldn't hit: the Timetravelers organization, the Ketchup family dynamics, going back to save the father... So, I decided to try to keep the basic storyline of The Beginning and the top-secret mission to protect the father, and made the preliminary draft of [sa]. Time travel was back, but with its own secret organization, Secret Arts (named after the name of set of techniques). Since Natalie, Lance, and Arielle were in use, I made a new trio. Nadine was the illegitimate child. Alexis was her half-sister. And, instead of a guy, I made Lucille (or Diane), a character I had never expanded on in the Timetravelers. I thought it'd work out.

I tried doing it... I really did. But it just wouldn't fit. So, I soon stopped writing it. Yet... I wanted to go back again. So, last November, for my NaNoWriMo project, I went back and decided to make a light-hearted story about the Natalie/Alexis/Diane trio. It'd have Secret Arts again, but it'd be mostly a fun story, or so I hoped. Once I found what I wanted to do with it, it soon turned into the usual angst (and it's very easy to see the change), but NaNo was what I needed to get my time travel story back. And it's going pretty well. I'm actually farther in [ch] than I am with [sa].


In conclusion? My fanfic was crazy!
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    Mario The World Champion's Avatar
    I haven't written any new fanfics in over 4 years. So, I'm more worse off than you.

    But, I am thinking about doing NaNaWriMo this year. Got so many ideas in my head right now...
    Posted September 14th, 2008 at 7:54 PM by Mario The World Champion Mario The World Champion is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Sammi's Avatar
    Do it! NaNo is so much fun. :D It really is a great way to get those pesky projects out of the way.
    Posted September 14th, 2008 at 10:08 PM by Sammi Sammi is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Nina's Avatar
    I am in awe in how much you have written. But that's because I'm not a writer and anything I've written in all my life would fit in one notebook. (Unless you discount those pesky English essays.)

    "I was a high school freshman -- was I supposed to have logic??"

    "Anyway, Giovanni is like
    and Ash is like
    And Delia is like
    Except not a swear. She's too ladylike for that. "

    You make me giggle. Alot.
    Posted October 19th, 2008 at 4:00 PM by Nina Nina is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Sammi's Avatar
    How'd I miss this comment? T_T

    What's scarier than all of those papers is that I have more written on the computer. I have something like 500+ pages right now, although a lot of that does overlap with what's in one of those piles. And the really scary thing is, I'm sure there's people that have written more in the same amount of time. I know I could've in the past two years if I focused more. @[email protected]

    I made you giggle? I thought I was the only person... ;_;♥ My sense of humor is stupid most of the time. It makes me laugh, but I'm so full of myself to laugh at the same time, and just... I need a real sense of humor. D:

    Then again, I feel so full of myself for really liking and geeking out about my own writing. I think I'm crazy for it.
    Posted October 23rd, 2008 at 6:42 PM by Sammi Sammi is offline

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