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My HG team? Awesome.

Posted March 24th, 2010 at 6:26 PM by Sammi

Just beat the Elite 4. This post is dedicated to my team, which I love, despite them only being pixels in a video game. :D

Sheep (Ampharos): Discharge? Awesome move. Wiped out its share of Pokemon, including Lance's Gyrados in one hit.

Ghost (Gengar): Sadly was not used that much, but its Shadow Ball still packs a punch. That, and immunity to Poison = awesome when Poison Spikes are down. It killed Koga's Crobat pretty easily.

ZYNX (Jynx): Had this Pokemon in Pearl for awhile, traded it over just to beat Claire and Lance. Did so admirably. Couldn't take a Dragon Rush to save its life, though. :(

Leaf (Meganium):
Alas, did not have much to do. Did poison Lance's last Dragonite, though, which ended up KOing it. So go Leaf!

Rock (Golem): Perhaps one of the most useful Pokemon this Elite Four run. Tore through almost all of Koga (would've killed Crobat, if that damned Explosion had hit. gragbrshtshthsgvipagvrhagra Double Team!!!!!! *shakes fist*), and Lance's Areodactyl and Charizard. d("d)

Puppy (Arcanine): After two Swaggers, killed three of Bruno's Pokemon. With Strength. WTF, guys. Also helped KO Lance's last Dragonite, with one last Crunch. Intimidate is a handy ability, too.

Oddly enough I should've swapped out Leaf for my Slowpoke, after some training... it would've come in handy with Bruno, because I hadn't taught Jynx Psychic. Ah, well.

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    Omg I have Golem on all my in-game teams <3
    Posted March 24th, 2010 at 6:56 PM by Aurafire Aurafire is offline

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