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Opinion: Generation 5 Pokemon (Part Three: Munna - Kokoromori)

Posted October 8th, 2010 at 6:33 PM by Gulpin
Updated April 5th, 2011 at 1:31 PM by Gulpin

Thank you for reading! Welcome to part three of my opinions of the generation five Pokemon. This one will feature Munna and her evolution, the birds of this generation, the electric zebras, the new rock types, and the fluffy bat Pokemon. Enjoy!

Part One: Victini - Miruhoggu
Part Two: Yooterii - Hiyakki
Part Three: Munna - Kokoromori
Part Four: Moguryuu - Dageki
Part Five: Kurumiru - Basurao
Part Six: Meguroko - Shinpora
Part Seven: Desumasu - Chirachiino
Part Eight: Gochimu - Baibanira
Part Nine: Shikijika - Denchura
Part Ten: Tesshiido - Shandera
Part Eleven: Kibago - Kojondo
Part Twelve: Kurimugan - Aianto
Part Thirteen: Monozu - Zekrom
Part Fourteen: Randorosu - Genosekuto

#023 Munna #024 Musharna

To start off this section I will give my opinion on Munna and Musharna. I think that they're ok, but not something I'd jump at to use. I like their appearance but I think that there are many other better psychic Pokemon that can be used this generation. The 'floral pattern' is ok, I don't really mind things like that and I think it's cool how these guys just float in the air. I really like the smoke coming out of Musharna and I like the way that it is so cute with its little feet wrapped around the body. They are both pretty hard to train because of their speed, and I think are mainly gimmick Pokemon for the Dream World. Overall, I give these two a 6/10.

#025 Mamepato #026 Hatooboo #027 Kenhorou

Next up are basically this generations Pidgey. Personally, I like Pidgey better. These three are just so bland, and what seems to be an attempt at making the final form more livley for the male just looks weird and out of place. I don't really see anything that makes me go 'Wow! Thats a cool, unique, awesome Pokemon!' Really, I don't have much else to say besides I don't like how bland and boring these three are, especially when you can find much cooler bird Pokemon later down the road. Overall, I give these guys a 4/10.

#028 Shimama #029 Zeburaika

Next up are Shimama and Zeburaika, the electric typed Zebra. I really like the idea of and electric zebra and think that these two are extremely awesom. They look amazing, and I love their sprite animation (especially Zeburaika's - all of the white flashes yellow). However, I don't think they are the best electric types this generation. They are too frail to take with you everywhere, at least for me. I really love their shiny sprites too; the different colors make them that much cooler. Based solely on appearance, these guys would get 9/10, but overall, since they really don't match up to the other electric types in my opinion, they will get a 7/10.

#030 Dangoro #031 Gantoru #032 Gigaiasu

Now we come to the Geodude of this generation - Dangoro, Gantoru, and Gigaiasu. My first opinion of these guys was 'meh' but now I really like them. I think that Dangoro is just the cutest rock type ever, but then it evolves into an ugly deformed thing. I still partially dislike Gantoru, but I don't mind too much because I like to think its in its quirky teenage years before it evolves into the awesome Gigaiasu. Gigaiasu would've made my team if I could trade to evolve him. To make these three even more amazing, they get just about the best shiny sprites ever. They have pretty good stats, but they're slow as hell. Overall, I think that these three are pretty awesome, but they get a 7/10.

#033 Koromori #034 Kokoromori

The last two for this part are the fluffy bat things Koromori and Kokoromori. To start off with, I absolutley adore Koromori. It's the cutest thing ever in my opinion and would love to cuddle with one because they are so fluffy (*thinks of Despicable Me - "IT'S SO FLUUUFY!*). But then when you love it it turns to an odd looking thing. I'd like it a lot better if I could understand what the deformation on its head is. I had these two on my team until they got replaced by an even awesomer psychic type. Overall, they will get an 8/10 because of their fluffy -ness.
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    @Shimama/Zeburaika: "Too frail". Are you kidding me.

    My Maka is the second best member on my team. Hell, she was stronger than my starter at least once. Good offense, decent special offense, great speed, and Nitro Charge makes it even better.
    Posted October 9th, 2010 at 11:24 AM by Eucliffe Eucliffe is offline

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