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Mah shiny new 3DS [1st exploit found + web browser pics]

Posted March 29th, 2011 at 6:57 PM by CollosalPokemon
Updated March 30th, 2011 at 8:46 PM by CollosalPokemon (new pic)

Hi guys,

this is my first blog post, but hey its gotta start somewhere.

I have had the 3DS in my possession since the release, and in 3 days I found an exploit. The exploit is to get more than 10 coin things per day, breaking that limit. I dunno if anyone else knows because I haven't seen this on YouTube.
So far I have 43 coins in only 3 days. (30 coins should be the maximum for the USA by now, March 29th 2011)

EDIT: I took a picture. I have still exceeded Nintendo's coin limits by 13. (53 when the max by today should be 40) Taken 4 days after the 3DS USA release with more than 10 coins received per day.

The next bit of information is the 3DS browser. It is apparently not Opera anymore but rather ACCESS's 'NetFront' browser. I found this picture of it online if anyone's interested:

[rant]Unfortunately we're stuck waiting for it until late May =P But Nintendo says its going to be significantly better than the DSi Browser and even the Wii web browser.

According to TechTronica the 3DS has the capability and processing power to handle both Flash and HTML5, which would be really cool. Imagine watching YouTube videos on the 3DS. Anyways nothing is confirmed yet but it has the capability to do so. *fingers crossed*[/rant]

Anyways do you like your 3DS's? (if you have one)

Friend Mii if you have a 3DS lol
3DS FC : 5241 - 1923 - 6787
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