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Posted November 14th, 2011 at 11:46 PM by 이큐리
Updated November 23rd, 2011 at 11:56 AM by 이큐리 (Updated.)

Yea, so I needed somewhere to put this so I could get to it easier. x] Just ignore this blog post.

TM01: Hones Claw - Freezer Container (Gift from Sage)
TM02: Dragon Claw - Victory Road
TM03: Psycho Shock - Giant Chasm
TM04: Calm Mind - Relic Castle (Gift from Sage)
TM05: Roar - Route 10
TM06: Toxic - Route 17
TM07: Hail - Mistralton City Pokémart (50,000)
TM08: Bulk Up - Route 14 (Gift from Sage)
TM09: Venom Shock - Route 15 (Gift)
TM10: Hidden Power - Nuvema Town (See Prof. Juniper after spotting 100 Pokémon)
TM11: Sunny Day - Mistralton City Pokémart (50,000)
TM12: Taunt - Victory Road
TM13: Ice Beam - Giant Chasm
TM14: Blizzard - Icirrus City Pokémart (70,000)
TM15: Hyper Beam - Route 9 @ Department Store (90,000)
TM16: Light Screen - Nimbasa City Pokémart (30,000)
TM17: Protect - Nuvema Town (See Prof. Juniper after spotting 60 Pokémon)
TM18: Rain Dance - Mistralton City Pokémart (50,000)
TM19: Telekinesis - Route 18
TM20: Safeguard - Nimbasa City Pokémart(30,000)
TM21: Fustration - Nimbasa City Pokémart (10,000)
TM22: Solarbeam - Pinwheel Forest
TM23: Smack Down - Battle Subway (36BP)
TM24: Thunderbolt - P2 Laboratory
TM25: Thunder - Icirrus City (70,000)
TM26: Earthquake - Relic Castle
TM27: Return - Nimbasa City (10,000)
TM28: Dig - Route 4
TM29: Psychic - Route 13
TM30: Shadow Ball - Relic Castle
TM31: Brick Break - Icirrus City Pokécenter
TM32: Double Team - Route 18 (Gift from Sage)
TM33: Reflect - Nimbasa City Pokémart (30,000)
TM34: Sludge Wave - Battle Subway (48BP)
TM35: Flamethrower - Abundant Shrine
TM36: Sludge Bomb - Route 8
TM37: Sandstorm - Mistralton City Pokémart (50,000)
TM38: Fire Blast - Icirrus City Pokémart (70,000)
TM39: Rock Tomb - Desort Resort
TM40: Aerial Ace - Mistralton City Runway
TM41: Torment - Route 4
TM42: Facade - Route 8
TM43: Flame Charge - Tubeline Bridge
TM44: Rest - Castelia City (11th floor of building)
TM45: Attract - Castelia City Party
TM46: Thief - Wellspring Cave
TM47: Ankle Sweep - Wellspring Cave
TM48: Round - Battle Subway (36BP)
TM49: Echo Voice - Nimbasa City Musical Hall
TM50: Overheat - Route 11
TM51: Ally Switch - Battle Subway (48BP)
TM52: Focus Blast - Wellspring Cave
TM53: Energy Ball - Route 12
TM54: False Swipe - Nuvema Town (See Prof. Juniper after spotting 30 Pokémon)
TM55: Scald - Freezer Container
TM56: Fling - Tubeline Bridge
TM57: Charge Beam - Route 7
TM58: Sky Drop - Mistralton City Pokémart
TM59: Incinerate - Battle Subway (48BP)
TM60: Quash - Battle Subway (48BP)
TM61: Will-o-Wisp - Celestial Tower
TM62: Acrobatics - Mistralton City Gym
TM63: Embargo - Dragonspiral Tower
TM64: Explosion - Battle Subway (48BP)
TM65: Shadow Claw - Celestial Tower
TM66: Payback - Route 16
TM67: Retaliate - Nacrene City Gym
TM68: Giga Impact - Route 9 Department Store (90,000)
TM69: Rock Polish - Chargestone Cave (Gift from Sage)
TM70: Flash - Castelia City Alleyway
TM71: Stone Edge - Challenger's Cave
TM72: Volt Switch - Nimbasa City Gym
TM73: Thunder Wave - Nimbasa City Pokémart (10,000)
TM74: Gyroball - Nimbasa City Pokémart (10,000)
TM75: Swords Dance - Dreamyard (Gift from Sage)
TM76: Struggle Bug - Castelia City Gym
TM77: Psych Up - Battle Subway (48BP)
TM78: Bulldoze - Driftveil City Gym
TM79: Frost Breath - Icirrus City Gym
TM80: Rock Slide - Mistralton Cave
TM81: X-scissor - Route 7
TM82: Dragon Tail - Opelucid City Gym
TM83: Work up - Striaton City Gym
TM84: Poison Jab - Route 6
TM85: Dream Eater - Dreamyard
TM86: Grass Knot - Pinwheel Forest
TM87: Swagger - Battle Subway (36BP)
TM88: Pluck - Battle Subway (36BP)
TM89: U-turn - Route 13 (Deliver all three good to Wingull)
TM90: Substitute - Twist Mountain (Winter-only)
TM91: Flash Cannon - Twist Mountain
TM92: Trick Room - Abundant Shrine
TM93: Wild Charge - Victory Road
TM94: Rock Smash - Pinwheel Forest
TM95: Bark Out - Castelia City (Give Mr. Lock the Lock Capsule)

I'm collecting these shinies because they are awesome. :D



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