2012 brings new things to discover as well as uncertainty about the future. It also brings more of that 2012 doomsday BS that has been running rampant the past few years, despite common sense and scientists actually proving that the predicted Mayan doomsday will not happen! But that still doesn't stop idiots like Discovery Channel, History Channel, Patrick Geryl and other morons from continuing to shove their doomsday shows and books down our throats!

Since the world will end in 356 days from now (we are in a leap year, so we have the 29th of February), I've decided to have my own fun with this "phenomenon". Don't worry, I'm not going to talk about how the earth will suddenly reverse its magnetic fields or anything like that. I lack the intelligence to make sense of that stuff.

The reason for this title if I'm not going to talk about 2012? A certain 80's song that critics think is probably the worst song in history.
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Posted April 14th, 2012 at 9:29 PM by Mario The World Champion

This is perhaps an odd blog even for me. Marshmallows are a part of camping fun as a part of the smore trifecta and team up with hot chocolate on a cold day.

The reason for this title is that I had eaten my first batch of marshmallows in over 15 years. Yes, you read that correctly: 15 years. There's a backstory to why I haven't had marshmallows in such a long time. Or maybe it's a reason not to eat food that is past its expiration date. Either way...

If I recall correctly, I was in middle school and for lunch, they were serving chicken nuggets. For some odd reason, they weren't good tasting that day. Hell, school cafeteria food is usually never good at all. But we still ate it because we had to.

Later that day, I went to a after-school group for kids with social problems. Snack time was usually the time I arrived there. So, I was a bit hungry for something since I had a long walk from the bus stop to where the place was. I found some marshmallows and I noticed that they were a bit out of date. I figured since other people were eating them as well, I had myself a bunch of them.

It was after I got home and was ready to eat dinner that I felt something was up in my stomach. If you ever had to throw up, you can tell by the usual symptoms. I was feeling that way and sure enough, I threw up afterward. I was wondering if it was the chicken nuggets I had at school or the out of date marshmallows were the culprit.

It was because of that incident that I stopped eating BOTH chicken nuggets and marshmallows for a long time. I did return to chicken nuggets a few years later when we started buying then from a major butcher shop and cooked them right. As for marshmallows, I haven't touched them since.

Until my Mom got a Keurig coffee machine for her birthday this past March. (honestly, that thing is EASY to use!)

My Mom got a bunch of different coffees to use while I only got myself the Swiss Miss k-cups because I'm not a coffee drinker and I was in the mood for hot cocoa. For personally, hot cocoa for me is better when marshmallows. So I bought myself a bag of mini marshmallows and made myself a cup of cocoa with them in it.

tl;dr, I barfed because of maybe bad marshmallows and had some for the first time in 15 years thanks to Swiss Miss and Keurig.
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    Taro Tanaka's Avatar
    Fun fact: Throwing marshmallows at someone actually causes them pain. You don't think it will, but it does. i found that out the hard way.
    Posted April 14th, 2012 at 9:54 PM by Taro Tanaka Taro Tanaka is offline
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    Vrai's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Taro Tanaka View Comment
    Fun fact: Throwing marshmallows at someone actually causes them pain. You don't think it will, but it does. i found that out the hard way.
    Wussy. Not sure of your gender BUT if you were a real man you would catch them all in your mouth and never be harmed.
    Posted April 14th, 2012 at 11:43 PM by Vrai Vrai is offline

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