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Twelve Years of Hell

Posted June 1st, 2012 at 2:30 AM by Zeffy
Updated June 2nd, 2014 at 1:15 AM by Zeffy


It was that time of the year again. Clocks ticking, wallets emptying and people hurrying; you can certainly tell. After two months of well-managed rest and relaxation, hell will unleash once again.

It all started one bright morning, my mother made the usual breakfast: egg sandwiches. I have always enjoyed these meals, but what I didn't know was it would be my last enjoyable meal. My mother told me that she was going to take me some place enjoyable. I trusted her, so I came along.

The place wasn't that far away but it had a scary aura. My mother talked to someone, then that someone talked to me. She asked me weird things, but nevertheless I answered them. After asking me a few questions she turned to my mother and gave her a sheet of paper, she gave me one too. It looked like some sort of sign-up sheet. I asked my mother what it was, she told me that its a form to enter a mind-enriching establishment. I did not know that I was signing up for hell. Twelve years of tormenting and torturous hell.

While in the hellish establishment, I met a couple of people. A few of them are very intelligent, most of them weren't. They told me I was intelligent, but I never understood why. If I was so smart, I would've declined my mother's offer to enter this mind-enriching establishment. If anything, I am not learning anything at all. I wanted to leave, but they won't let me. They told me I was too young to face the world.

I couldn't do anything.

Eleven years have passed. I did not know I would manage to survive this long, but I did. Ten more months and I'm rid of this hellish establishment for good. I will live a happy life once again, one full of friends and family, one full of enjoyment and self-contentment. If there is anything that I learned from the past eleven years, it would be how to become independent. Being away from home, away from your parents, you would learn how to manage on your own.

Somehow, this establishment grew on me. After ten months, will I see all those people I met within the establishment? Hopefully. I asked my mother if I would, but she told me only time can tell.

Speaking of time, I have little time left. I have to enter the establishment once again in around two hundred sixty-four hours. I hope that these last ten months of being in this "mind-enriching establishment" would be the best ten months of my experience here. I suppose only time will tell.
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    That was a nice read, but I am so very confused.
    Posted June 1st, 2012 at 9:19 AM by
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    Zeffy's Avatar
    I don't know either. I just started typing about the next ten months being the last then months of me being in high school and it somehow segued into this.

    I suppose if you change "hellish establishment" "mind-enriching establishment" and "hell" into "school" it would somewhat make sense.
    Posted June 1st, 2012 at 5:55 PM by Zeffy Zeffy is offline

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