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My 21st Birthday :D

Posted August 22nd, 2012 at 8:16 PM by TheGr8
Updated August 22nd, 2012 at 8:22 PM by TheGr8

To start this off, I was sitting around after work on Monday, mainly because tuesday was my birthday and I requested two days in a row off for good reasons So I was around trade corner IRC for most of the day, and everyone there was starting to get ready for my birthday, and confusing me so much cuz I had no idea what was going on So it was getting to be around 11 PM my time, EV (iloveeevee) was freaking out because she couldn't finish my gifts and the whole getting everything ready was alot too :p So when the time hit, I got kicked out of TC and then was allowed back in after everything was set up seeing the topic and everything. Also EV made this thread for me


Which was really awesome to see the pictures she and everyone else posted for me
She also gave me this

Iloveeevee’s Tom♥ lvl 50
OT: GARRET | 57203
30/30/30/30/30/31 HP Flying 70
Hydro Pump – Heat Wave – Draco Meteor – Hidden Power

This is such an amazing gift, I really love it and thank her so much to take her time to do it.

After that everyone proceeded to wish me a happy birthday, and I stayed up til around 3 am, when I passed out on IRC.

So it was around 10 am and I woke up and got on IRC for the day had a few things to draaaaank if you know what I mean
and talked to all my lovely PC and NB people on my birthday till I had to go to the girl I like's house for my birthday. We had been hanging out for 6 months straight and have known each other for four years, well when i arrived she said, what if i told you that we were finally together tom, and i freaked out ofc since i was waiting for her her family gave me cute drawings, bag of twix yumm, and a sleep over bag which had, everything in it that you could think of. I wont go into more details about my IRL bday so yeah :p

Everyone from nuggetbridge posted on my fb happy BOOOOOF day, which is the group i am in there. Bunchabulls <3333 i love them those birthday wishes made me laugh so damn hard that I couldn't breathe. I also finally got back into trade corner by opening my trade thread with EV, which we had been working on and she really wanted it up for my birthday

So anyway I didnt have much to write about cuz alot happened in IRL that doesnt need to be said
so I would like to say that my 21st birthday was the best one I could have ever asked for <3

PC Shoutouts:

EV:My pair <3 thank you for all of the thought you put into my birthday, the thread, the gift, everything was really amazing, i appreciate it so much best pair

Blade: Sis<3 thank you for tweeting for me that really made my day to see that, and you be there for me too!

Mac: Tom is now dating a girl with _________ lmao that made me laugh so hard yesterday bro

Gonzo: for changing the topic and being the first to wish me a happy bday because of your timezone!

Everyone else: Thank you guys for making this the best birthday I have ever had <3
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    Happy Birthday Tom! You better have appreciated all my hard work. I'm really glad you enjoyed your birthday though. A nice guy like you deserves to have the best birthday ever. Thank you for being such a amazing pair and I'm glad I got to celebrate your 21st birthday with you best friend<3.
    Posted August 22nd, 2012 at 8:36 PM by Absol Absol is offline

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