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#tpc madness

Posted January 3rd, 2013 at 11:31 PM by gunnerpow7

So, I was clearing out some files when I came across a file that I saved about an IRC convo moths ago... Looking back, it was kinda funny... I was a total noob back then... :P Covers 1 hour of insanity! xP :3

[21:58] *** Topic is The PokeCommunity Chat @ [ !!! ] [ dawn or may? ] [ lbr dawn is the BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ] [ 71 days til B2/W2 ] [ kaorkaokaoiakroakoakraokrio ]
[21:58] *** Channel mode is +ntrSG
[21:58] <gunnerpow7> NICA!!!
[21:58] <gunnerpow7> =/
[21:59] <Forever> STOP NICK <censored> ALERTING ME
[21:59] <Toujours> don't test her she banned me the other day
[21:59] <Forever> yes
[21:59] <Lozz> wahhhhh everyone give me sympathy
[21:59] <Lozz> nica
[21:59] <Lozz> hurt
[21:59] *** Forever sets mode +b on [email protected]
[21:59] *** Lozz has been kicked by Forever (Forever)
[21:59] <Forever> i swear if anyone else nick alertsme
[21:59] <Forever> honestly
[21:59] <ShiningRaichu> stop <censored> kicking people omg
[21:59] <ShiningRaichu> every time i hear this BOOM sound
[21:59] <gunnerpow7> lol
[21:59] <Forever> THEY WON'T <censored> STOP NICK ALERTING ME
[22:00] *** Forever sets mode -b on [email protected]
[22:00] <Toujours> ...
[22:00] <Toujours> andy
[22:00] <Forever> ...............................................................
[22:00] <Toujours> irony...
[22:00] *** ShiningRaichu has been kicked by Forever (FEAS8UNFAOLP;,FAS'/)
[22:00] *** moments has joined #thepokecommunity
[22:00] *** Lozz has joined #thepokecommunity
[22:00] *** ShiningRaichu has joined #thepokecommunity
[22:00] *** PokeCom[bot] sets mode +v on Lozz
[22:00] *** PokeCom[bot] sets mode +h on ShiningRaichu
[22:00] <gunnerpow7> really?
[22:00] <Lozz> nica. you are a nasty lass
[22:00] <ShiningRaichu> …………………..I was trying to help, but w/e lol
[22:00] <Forever> okay I think we've all learnt our lesson
[22:00] <Forever> don't mess with nica
[22:00] <Toujours> why do you even have a sound for kicking anyway
[22:00] <Toujours> o_O
[22:00] <gunnerpow7> yes and not for....
[22:01] <moments> i learnt a lesson
[22:01] <moments> nice is mean
[22:01] <ShiningRaichu> cos colloquy has one
[22:01] <ShiningRaichu> lol
[22:01] <gunnerpow7> new line?
[22:01] <moments> LOL
[22:01] <moments> nica
[22:01] <moments> nice is mean
[22:01] <moments> life motto
[22:01] <Toujours> it was ironic cause you nick alerted her when asking people not to nick alert her
[22:01] <Forever> .......................
[22:01] <Forever> one more time
[22:01] <gunnerpow7> lol
[22:01] <Forever> and the person will honestly be banned for two days
[22:01] <Toujours> guys I think she's being serious
[22:01] <Forever> i am nt joking anymore
[22:01] <Lozz> ray
[22:02] <gunnerpow7> Moments!
[22:02] <Ray> yes lozz?
[22:02] <Lozz> nica is on a power trip
[22:02] <Lozz> plesae assist
[22:02] *** Forever sets mode +b on [email protected]
[22:02] *** Lozz has been kicked by Forever (you had your warning)
[22:02] <ShiningRaichu> STOPIT
[22:02] <gunnerpow7> ...
[22:03] *** Ray sets mode -o on Forever
[22:03] *** Ray sets mode +b on [email protected]
[22:03] *** Forever has been kicked by Ray (Ray)
[22:03] <gunnerpow7> really?
[22:03] <Ray> huh, I didn't mean to remove that, lol
[22:03] <CliveKoopa> what did Forever do>
[22:03] <gunnerpow7> ...
[22:03] <moments> ew
[22:03] <Toujours> wow really ray? lol
[22:03] *** Ray sets mode -b on [email protected]
[22:03] <gunnerpow7> keep kicking people
[22:03] *** Ray sets mode -b on [email protected]
[22:03] *** Lozz has joined #thepokecommunity
[22:03] *** PokeCom[bot] sets mode +v on Lozz
[22:03] <CliveKoopa> Lozz I mean
[22:04] <gunnerpow7> lozz was being kicked..
[22:04] <Ray> guys
[22:04] <gunnerpow7> and me
[22:04] <Ray> King Bradley is back
[22:04] <Lozz> nica gets on annoying power trips
[22:04] <Toujours> for nick alerting her when she asked you not to
[22:04] <gunnerpow7> ...
[22:04] <moments> who's that?
[22:04] <Toujours> that's just being a jerk for the sake of it
[22:05] <Ray> admittedly that is true, but she could easily just ignore her, or turn off nick alerts
[22:05] <Lozz> if she wants to do her assignment, she should get off irc
[22:05] <gunnerpow7> wait... how do you do that?
[22:05] <gunnerpow7> is that possible?
[22:05] <Ray> to ignore people?
[22:05] <gunnerpow7> no.. nick alerts
[22:06] <Lozz> turn them off?
[22:06] <Ray> yeah that too
[22:06] <gunnerpow7> turn on and off..
[22:06] <Lozz> if you dont want irc to bother you, then it really doesnt have to
[22:07] <gunnerpow7> meh... just one question..
[22:07] <Toujours> that's true but that being said
[22:07] <Toujours> it's not like you were nick alerting her accidentally or for something legit
[22:07] <Toujours> you were just doing it because you knew she asked you not to
[22:07] <gunnerpow7> reverse psychology
[22:07] <gunnerpow7> tbh
[22:12] <gunnerpow7> ...
[22:12] <Ray> shock horror, lol
[22:12] <Lozz> yeah toujours, cause nica never does anything to me
[22:12] <Toujours> it's just really rude is all
[22:12] <Toujours> tbh
[22:12] <Lozz> she is the epitome of nice and respectful
[22:12] <CliveKoopa> who's nica?
[22:12] <Lozz> to me, at all times
[22:12] *** ZiRaider has joined #thepokecommunity
[22:12] <Toujours> if you have a problem with her bring it up with her
[22:12] <Lozz> my point is, that if you're going to give it, you've got to take it as well
[22:12] <CliveKoopa> indeed
[22:12] <Toujours> I don't think I've ever seen her personally going out of her way to annoy you when you were seriously asking her to stop
[22:12] <Toujours> ugh whatever I give up
[22:12] <Lozz> seriously? I ask her to stop about me and juicy all the time
[22:12] <Lozz> I have literally just resigned myself to the fact she will never let it go
[22:12] <Toujours> ugh whatever I give up
[22:12] <moments> never gonna give you up
[22:12] <Lozz> lol moments
[22:12] <moments> ;D
[22:12] <CliveKoopa> rick rolled
[22:12] <moments> i genuinely like the song
[22:12] <moments> :(
[22:12] <CliveKoopa> It's okay
[22:12] <moments> which reminds me
[22:12] <Lozz> LOL
[22:13] <CliveKoopa> whats with all the systemnet messages just now
[22:13] <moments> i didn't see any system net messages?
[22:14] <Lozz> you're a system net message
[22:14] <CliveKoopa> [15:12] #thepokecommunity negative!*@* 1334576008
[22:14] <CliveKoopa> [15:12] #thepokecommunity fun!*@* 1334576008
[22:14] <CliveKoopa> [15:12] #thepokecommunity [email protected] 1334576008
[22:14] <CliveKoopa> [15:12] #thepokecommunity [email protected] 1334576008 [22:14] <CliveKoopa> [15:12] #thepokecommunity fun!*@* 1334576008
[22:14] <CliveKoopa> [15:12] #thepokecommunity [email protected] 1334576008
[22:14] <CliveKoopa> [15:12] #thepokecommunity [email protected] 1334576008
[22:14] <CliveKoopa> [15:12] #thepokecommunity [email protected] 1334576008
[22:14] <CliveKoopa> [15:12] #thepokecommunity ~T:censor:<censored> 1334576008
[22:14] <CliveKoopa> [15:12] #thepokecommunity ~T:censor:<censored> 1334576008
[22:14] <CliveKoopa> [15:12] #thepokecommunity ~T:censor:<censored> 1334576008
[22:14] <CliveKoopa> [15:12] #thepokecommunity [email protected] 1334576008
[22:14] <CliveKoopa> [15:12] #thepokecommunity [email protected] 1334576008
[22:14] <CliveKoopa> [15:12] #thepokecommunity [email protected] 1334576008
[22:14] <CliveKoopa> [15:12] #thepokecommunity [email protected] 1334576008
[22:14] <CliveKoopa> [15:12] #thepokecommunity [email protected] 1334576008
[22:14] <Lozz> ...
[22:14] <CliveKoopa> those
[22:14] <Toujours> no need to paste them ALL
[22:14] * moments shrugs
[22:14] <Toujours> that's the banlist
[22:14] <Lozz> lol
[22:14] <CliveKoopa> Oh
[22:15] <gunnerpow7> =o
[22:15] <Toujours> idk why it showed up for you now though
[22:15] <CliveKoopa> ok
[22:15] <Ray> that's the ban list
[22:15] <Ray> yeah
[22:15] <Ray> weird
[22:15] <Ray> maybe it's jsut the client
[22:15] <Lozz> it just looks like letters and symbols to me
[22:15] <Lozz> but sure
[22:15] <Lozz> ban list it is
[22:15] <CliveKoopa> okay
[22:16] <gunnerpow7> you didn't have to cut me off..
[22:16] <Ray> you are a master hacker
[22:16] <gunnerpow7> OHNO!!!!!
[22:16] <gunnerpow7> RUN AWAY!
[22:16] <Lozz> I can hack!
[22:16] <CliveKoopa> lucky you
[22:16] <gunnerpow7> well i can dance.. and sing
[22:17] <Lozz> lol jks i didnt even know how to use my irc client
[22:17] <Ray> I'm surprised you called it a client :P
[22:18] <Lozz> isnt that what everyone callsit?
[22:18] <Lozz> is that wrong?
[22:18] <Lozz> someone said it before!!
[22:18] <gunnerpow7> but you didn't have to cut me off.. <= A good opening when you have been kicked by... Nica
[22:18] *** Juli has joined #thepokecommunity
[22:18] <gunnerpow7> Hi Juli!
[22:19] <Juli> Hi!
[22:19] <Lozz> LOL gunner
[22:19] <Ray> no you're right, hahaha
[22:19] <Ray> hi juli
[22:19] <Juli> :P
[22:19] <gunnerpow7> yeah.. its one of the lyrics..
[22:19] <gunnerpow7> of somebody taht i used to know.. by Gotye
[22:19] <gunnerpow7> which nica hates
[22:19] <gunnerpow7> btw
[22:19] <moments> i think it's cut me out
[22:20] <gunnerpow7> wait..
[22:20] <Lozz> lol
[22:20] <moments> nope
[22:20] <moments> disregard
[22:20] <moments> it is off
[22:20] *** wakachamo has joined #thepokecommunity
[22:20] *** PokeCom[bot] sets mode +v on wakachamo
[22:20] *** Juicy has joined #thepokecommunity
[22:20] *** PokeCom[bot] sets mode +v on Juicy
[22:21] <gunnerpow7> yeah.. its off
[22:21] <gunnerpow7> lol
[22:21] <moments> hey charlie brown
[22:21] <Juicy> Hey
[22:21] <gunnerpow7> Juicy!
[22:21] <CliveKoopa> Hi
[22:21] <Juicy> Gunner and Clive!
[22:21] <Juicy> wodup?
[22:22] <gunnerpow7> just talking about the song nica hates
[22:22] <Juicy> k
[22:22] <Juicy> lol
[22:22] <gunnerpow7> yeah..
[22:24] <moments> it's the time of the night
[22:24] <moments> lion king soundtrack
[22:24] <Toujours> ugh I can see free stuff sitting right there but I have to wait for my friends
[22:24] <Toujours> class is dumb
[22:25] <gunnerpow7> life is dumb touj.
[22:25] <moments> but if you are dumb
[22:25] <moments> everything is smart
[22:25] <Toujours> I don't like the video camera though
[22:25] <Toujours> I don't wanna be videotaped ;;
[22:26] <gunnerpow7> wait.. are you telling me,
[22:26] <gunnerpow7> that im dumb?
[22:26] <moments> no...
[22:26] <gunnerpow7> moments?
[22:26] <moments> you said life is dumb
[22:26] <Juicy> he might not be
[22:26] <gunnerpow7> oh.... okay
[22:26] <moments> means you are smart
[22:26] <Juicy> but I am
[22:26] <Juicy> Gunner, you're dumb
[22:26] <moments> i don't care what about mights
[22:27] <gunnerpow7> juicy is dumb..
[22:27] <gunnerpow7> =/
[22:27] <Lozz> he is gunner
[22:27] <gunnerpow7> so who am i?
[22:27] <moments> ;3
[22:27] <moments> somebody that i used to know
[22:28] <gunnerpow7> im in a crisis!!!
[22:28] <gunnerpow7> lol
[22:28] <Lozz> hahahahahaha
[22:28] <Lozz> moments is the best
[22:28] <moments> ;D
[22:28] <gunnerpow7> moments... best... line...ever!
[22:28] <Juicy> That made me laugh
[22:28] <Lozz> moments, you have permission to marry me
[22:28] <moments> denied
[22:29] <gunnerpow7> how about me?
[22:29] <moments> I'm married to my wit
[22:29] <moments> it holds all the happiness I could ever desire
[22:29] <Lozz> hahahaha poor boy
[22:29] <gunnerpow7> ;; forever alone
[22:29] <Juicy> I'm married to an anime character
[22:29] <Juicy> well, I will be
[22:29] <gunnerpow7> congrats!
[22:29] <gunnerpow7> lol
[22:29] <Juicy> The 2d world just understands me so much more
[22:29] <Juicy> <3
[22:29] <Juicy> <2
[22:29] <moments> <6
[22:30] <CliveKoopa> which character is that?
[22:30] <moments> twice the love
[22:30] <Lozz> i dont know you
[22:30] <Juicy> Umm, Nurse Joy
[22:30] <Juicy> Or Officer Jenny
[22:30] <Juicy> I haven't decided
[22:30] <moments> but you know me
[22:30] <moments> ugh
[22:30] <moments> want to see lion king live again...
[22:30] <moments> juice=brock
[22:30] <CliveKoopa> Brock will make sure that never happens lol
[22:31] <Lozz> they are both asian
[22:31] <Juicy> Brocks eyes are more open than mine
[22:31] <Ray> brock is white
[22:31] <CliveKoopa> who's the other asian?
[22:31] <Lozz> his eyes tell a different story, ray
[22:31] <Juicy> Ray, just because someone is cool doesn't make them white
[22:31] <Juicy> Now someone being white does make them cool
[22:31] <CliveKoopa> Juicy is asian?
[22:31] <Juicy> yes
[22:32] <CliveKoopa> okay
[22:32] <gunnerpow7> yay!
[22:32] <Ray> hahaha
[22:32] <CliveKoopa> where abouts are you from?
[22:32] <Juicy> Australia
[22:32] *** Audy has quit (Quit: Audy)
[22:32] <moments> asia
[22:32] <Ray> israel
[22:32] <CliveKoopa> oh
[22:32] <Juicy> Australiasia
[22:32] <CliveKoopa> okay lol
[22:32] <Juicy> without the first i
[22:32] <Lozz> lol
[22:32] <gunnerpow7> <= click it
[22:32] <Ray> nah
[22:32] <moments> the southern most point of the arctic north
[22:32] <gunnerpow7> woah!
[22:33] <Juicy> Guys
[22:33] <Juicy> I'll be back
[22:33] <gunnerpow7> lets not get deep
[22:33] <Ray> ok
[22:33] <gunnerpow7> bye!!!
[22:33] <Juicy> Good luck
[22:34] <CliveKoopa> see ya
[22:34] <Lozz> omg my nose
[22:34] <moments> omg
[22:34] <gunnerpow7> oh my glob!
[22:34] <moments> i just imagined you without a nose
[22:34] <moments> clasping your face feeling to see where it went
[22:34] <Lozz> my right nostril hurts sooo much
[22:34] <Lozz> wahwahwah
[22:34] <gunnerpow7> is there a pimple inside?
[22:34] <Lozz> no
[22:34] <Lozz> not that kind of hurt
[22:35] <Lozz> like… sandpaper hurt
[22:35] <gunnerpow7> oh..
[22:35] <gunnerpow7> i get it
[22:35] <moments> you realise a nostril is a hole
[22:35] <moments> booger dried to hair
[22:35] <Lozz> ew yuck
[22:35] <Lozz> not at all
[22:35] <gunnerpow7> just.. gross moments
[22:35] <moments> baha
[22:35] <moments> do you have a cold?
[22:35] <Lozz> i do not
[22:35] <gunnerpow7> well me i have
[22:35] <gunnerpow7> always
[22:35] <Lozz> I am just an idiot
[22:36] <gunnerpow7> oh.. well im somebody that moments used to know
[22:37] <Lozz> hahaha you're so lucky
[22:37] <gunnerpow7> yeah..
[22:37] <Ray> OLD MAN FU
[22:37] <Lozz> wtf ray
[22:37] <CliveKoopa> why is knowing moments lucky?
[22:37] <Ray> sorry, just a character
[22:37] <Ray> but he got hurt
[22:37] <Ray> :(
[22:37] <moments> how is that gross
[22:37] <moments> it is legit one of the worst pains you could feel to nose...
[22:37] <moments> :(
[22:37] <moments> LOL
[22:37] <moments> well
[22:37] <moments> it's about that time
[22:37] <gunnerpow7> oh...
[22:37] <moments> what time you ask?
[22:38] <Lozz> ray my nose hurts
[22:38] <Ray> hahahahhaa
[22:38] <Lozz> dont laugh! it is preventing me from sleeping!
[22:38] <Ray> wow I'm horrible
[22:38] <Ray> well uh
[22:38] <Ray> I dunno, put some ice on it?
[22:38] <gunnerpow7> put band aid!!!
[22:38] <Lozz> inside my nose?!
[22:38] <Lozz> both of you suck
[22:38] <CliveKoopa> feed the world
[22:38] <gunnerpow7> its possible
[22:38] <Lozz> i must now live with the pain of my life choices
[22:39] *** luke has joined #thepokecommunity
[22:39] <PokeCom[bot]> [Luke] Hi I'm this town's gym leader. I'm also a model!
[22:39] *** PokeCom[bot] sets mode +a on luke
[22:39] *** PokeCom[bot] sets mode +o on luke
[22:39] *** GameCodeTrainer is now known as Kotomitsu
[22:40] <gunnerpow7> well i live the pain that im somebody that moments used to know... that's worse
[22:40] *** Kotomitsu is now known as GameCodeTrainer
[22:40] <gunnerpow7> tbh
[22:42] <Juicy> Back
[22:42] <CliveKoopa> wb
[22:43] <gunnerpow7> yay! JUICY!!!
[22:43] *** gunnerpow7 is now known as SomebodyThatmomentsUsedToKnow
[22:43] <Lozz> LOL
[22:44] <SomebodyThatmomentsUsedToKnow> ikr
[22:44] <Juicy> thank ya
[22:44] *** Rodeo has joined #thepokecommunity
[22:45] <SomebodyThatmomentsUsedToKnow> gonna save this...
[22:45] <SomebodyThatmomentsUsedToKnow> whole chat
[22:46] <CliveKoopa> why?
[22:47] <Rodeo> Hello
[22:48] *** moments has quit (Ping timeout)
[22:48] <CliveKoopa> Hi
[22:48] <Juicy> Hey Rodeo
[22:48] <Juicy> by moments
[22:48] <Juicy> bye*
[22:48] <Rodeo> How's it going?
[22:48] <Juicy> grand
[22:48] <Juicy> How's it going with you?
[22:49] <Rodeo> Today is my day off so I'm doing fantastic, ahaha
[22:49] <Juicy> wew
[22:49] <Juicy> day offs are awesome
[22:49] <Juicy> Although I have too many of them
[22:49] <Rodeo> We can trade if you want, hahaha
[22:50] <Juicy> Can we actually?
[22:50] <Rodeo> Nah, I don't think it's possible
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    antemortem's Avatar
    First half of this log was gold.
    Posted January 3rd, 2013 at 11:51 PM by antemortem antemortem is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Forever's Avatar
    um yeah i was kind of pissed off that day for some reason lol idr why
    Posted January 4th, 2013 at 3:21 AM by Forever Forever is offline
  3. Old Comment
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    nica that was you every second day... id say no one kicked me more than you! ;; no idea why this is a blog though, awks.
    Posted January 4th, 2013 at 6:03 AM by Lozz Lozz is offline
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    gunnerpow7's Avatar
    xP Well this is the only convo I had that is long.. and saved. xP
    Posted January 4th, 2013 at 5:51 PM by gunnerpow7 gunnerpow7 is offline

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