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The Neptune Prodigy

Posted February 8th, 2013 at 4:36 PM by Mezzo
Updated February 8th, 2013 at 4:56 PM by Mezzo

...Just to kick off the new category I added: "In Her Evil Little Lab." I'm going to describe a character I made.

Name: Xioma Zantolo Karozoma Colom.

(The m in at the end of his name is silent.) Pronunciation: Zee-o-ma Zan-to-lo Car-o-zo-ma Ko-lo.

Earth name: Xavier.

Alien appearance: blue face and body due to the methane of Neptune. Apparently a hotshot on his planet because of his long, silky hair. Wears business man like clothes which are apparently sexy on Neptune, and has glowing red eyes. His alien like features: has spikes coming from his hands, has a whip on his leg and has a dorsal fin ear.

Earth appearance: sexy, punchy looking man. Long black hair, sexy looking clothes, dark gold colored eyes and round glasses. Xioma loves to wear sexy clothing to get girls to fall head over heels for him. When around the ladies Xioma wears sexier clothes. He keeps a thong pencil in his hair half of the time at his school.

Age: (On Neptune): 31 (Which is equivalent to the age of 13 on Earth.)

Gender: Male. (In Neptune, the world male is known as Lamiom. La-mi-o.)

Personality and Information: Xioma is considered to be a prodigy back on his home planet, which makes him a diligent young alien man. He likes to bang girls who are dating other boys, which makes him inconsiderate to how others feel. He is punchy, crazy, and daring to try anything on earth. At times Xioma can be very sarcastic, but when it comes to inventing he is serious about it. When he is in his true skin as an alien: Xioma can be seen as a little reckless and taking danger too far.

Back story: Bored of being the smartest child of Neptune, Xioma decided he needed a change of scenery and quickly decided to head over to Earth to check out what it was like. At first sight, he instantly thought Earth was primitive and could use some enchantments. Deciding to stay, he enrolled into a nearby Ohio school to see how dumb Earth children were. As an unexpected twist of fate, he runs into Zel and LLP: two of the children from the Seventh Ring of Saturn. Upon meeting Zel he instantly becomes attracted to her and wanted to go out with her, but. Zel, lying to Xioma stating she was single, decided to go out with Xioma and the drama and arguing between LLP and Xioma begins~!

This is a character I have come up with the show I'm making with a friend called: "What's a TV Show." The main characters are a family (and girl friend) from the seventh ring of Saturn which is the most technologically advanced planet in the universe. (Saturn itself I'm talking about.) The family came along with the father, Zylhor because he wasn't going to leave them behind. Later the neighbor came along and from here I'll tell you the names of the family and girl friend and one thing about them:

Zylor: (Earth name: Edward.) - Has no interest in Earth.

Fletch (Earth name: Roxy?) - Secretly wants to go up in history on earth.

Zeela (Earth name: Julie.) Lesbian.

LLP: (Earth name: Roary.) - Personally wants his girlfriend to let him do what he wants more often.

Glork: (Earth name: Miariam.) - The grandmother and Meg of the family.

Zel (Earth name: Sarah.) - The girlfriend. Has the power to control people, has the power to erase the memory of someone by crying in an awkward way, can give the memories back by smiling in an awkward way, lives in a bush and is overprotective of said bush. (My favorite character.)

Supporting characters:

Leeky (Earth name: Lauren) Alcholic. The neighbor character. Moved onto Earth when she wanted a change of scenery.

Trouble Maker (Name: Jaboc): A trouble maker whom is a friend of Zel and LLP. He has ADHD and he is always causing trouble and trying to blame it on others. Regardless he is fun to be around because he's always stirring up some sort of interesting scenarios for LLP and Zel.

That's all there is so far. If you want me to post more about "What's a TV Show" feel free to ask me!

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