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Oh goodie.

Posted October 22nd, 2013 at 9:18 PM by Treecko

I'm a big baseball fan and I'm in St.Louis. So of course I'm rooting for the Cardinals to beat the Red Sox in the World Series. Now Game 1 is tomorrow night in Boston , but Game 3 is on Saturday in St. Louis and guess who willing be rallying at the game that day:


Referring to the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox as “titan perverts” playing “goofy sports,” anti-gay advocates with the Westboro Baptist Church have announced they will protest outside Busch Stadium this weekend.
Yup. THOSE guys....

Read the rest of the article , some of the stuff they say about the Cardinals and baseball fans in general are hilarious.

I know they won't be if they were to come our house, i'd be all.

And I bet if I told them I have a good amount of gay friends in real life and online they'd be all:

I'm not extremely worried about it though. From what I'm hearing there will be high security to prevent the possibility of terrorists of something like the Boston bombings happening. These guys are pretty much terrorists (in a metaphorical sense) so I'm sure the police/security will be prepared to deal with these guys. The fact that they're protesting a simple baseball game is what's crazy (And one on a Saturday , not a Sunday when most church services take place. . Though I bet they'd protest outside my house just for being Catholic.

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    And yes I was inspired by Sydian;'s blog post from several months ago to make this blog and to put the gifs/videos in it.
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