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    how to bake a cake

    Originally Posted by maccrash View Comment
    Oh, wow. Thank you!
    haha yes
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    how to bake a cake

    Oh, wow. Thank you!
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    Real Talk

    I hope you will be safe. I am waiting for your come back. I also follow all of your post on this community. Because I think it is very interesting that you want to share with everybody. Nice to meet you.
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    Real Talk

    glad you're safe
    Posted 1 Week Ago at 2:35 AM by MUDKIP!!! MUDKIP!!! is offline
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    "Are you in middle school?"

    I have that same problem myself... seems people think I'm younger than I'm actually am. Although I do shave regularly when a beard starts growing in, I'm still trying to grow in a mustache, which seems to be only happening a little bit at a time.
    Posted 2 Weeks Ago at 11:46 AM by Otter Mii-kun Otter Mii-kun is offline
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    "Are you in middle school?"

    I feel your pain man... as someone who has a feminine face, no facial hair, and a rather short and slim build... I often get mistaken for a middle schooler... or worse a girl O_O
    Posted 2 Weeks Ago at 7:22 PM by CidHazard CidHazard is online now
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    Let's Play Dark Rising: Order Destroyed! Chapter 1

    LOL dude, this blog is a joke. How can you have "disdain" for the series, yet, you've played THREE out of the four games so far. That doesn't make any sense no matter how you try to rationalize it.

    You claim to "hate" a fanfic project despite the fact that the creator, as well as a few people who have worked on the series, said multiple times that the plot is meant to be over-the-top, ridiculous, and completely horrendous. They've joked numerous times on twitter about most of the stuff in the game being thought of on a whim, and openly admitted that it usually came from some outrageous banter they had during development. They had "fun" with this. They don't take these "Rom Hacks" seriously, so why are you? And don't say you're not cause you've played 75% of the series LOL. Clearly you're invested in something you say you dislike.

    Btw, You DO know that some people don't take "Rom Hacks" seriously, right? Hell, Fan Games made with Essentials have completely shut Rom Hacks down. No one really cares for them anymore. Also, this series has a larger fan base than any "Rom Hack" series in the world (notice how I said Rom Hacks & not Fan Games). Want proof? Here's statistics from the guy who handles the official website, posted on a youtube post a month ago: (I won't even mention that when the first game in the series was on this fading site, it had over a million views. That was over 4 years ago & it STILL has more than most hacks on here today. Pretty crazy, huh?)

    Speaking of statistics, when Poketubers (people more credible than you who have said the series is great, just stupid difficult) play the Dark Rising series, they recieve more views than any other Rom Hack. So despite your "disdain" (LOL makes me laugh everytime. Let me use that laughing anime gif you used in this blog), plenty of people love the series and have made it very popular even if most of the hacks in it were made over 4 years ago. Only a loud, vocal minority on the internet claim to hate the series. If it was as "bad" as you say it is, it would NOT be able to pull off the numbers above.

    Lastly, I'll admit that I'm not a fan nor a hater of the series, I just found comedy relief in this pathetic blog. You can hate the series (LOL you don't), but what made me comment was your fakeness. I exposed you.
    Posted 3 Weeks Ago at 2:13 AM by DiamondEmperorJ DiamondEmperorJ is offline
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    cool dude. cya around I guess, or maybe not.
    Posted 3 Weeks Ago at 9:42 AM by MUDKIP!!! MUDKIP!!! is offline
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    Late summer update

    Thanks for the suggestions, but problem is, even finding somewhere else to live let alone moving out is much easier said than done. If I were to sign up for a subsidized apartment, the acceptance and opening process would take an incredibly long time, where in the meantime, I would continue to go through the same problems that I am now. The only other option being presented to me is to go into a group home, which I absolutely refuse to do.

    I've actually been thinking of persistently begging my dad and two of my aunts (who all live in the same house that they grew up in, and their mother lived in until she died) to take me in, but there's a problem with that too-my cousin also lives there, and there's no room to put all my stuff there as well, along with everything that they have there already. I've been looking through all of my things, and have gotten rid of some stuff, but I can't seem to get rid of very much, as much as I feel I must purge my belongings.
    I hope I can build up the courage to begin the process of begging my relatives to take me in. (I know doing such a thing is absolutely stupid, but these bullies are forcing my hand on this.)
    Posted 3 Weeks Ago at 6:09 PM by Otter Mii-kun Otter Mii-kun is offline
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    Gamers is... amazing...

    Tell me if you like it XD

    People are kinda overlooking this gem of a show XD
    Posted 4 Weeks Ago at 4:30 PM by CidHazard CidHazard is online now
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    "Stop trying to be someone you're not."

    Oh, I remember you! I wouldn't worry, I'm sure most people wouldn't make fun of you for having a japaneese name, especially considering this is a pokemon forum :p
    Posted 4 Weeks Ago at 9:55 AM by MUDKIP!!! MUDKIP!!! is offline
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    Gamers is... amazing...

    I'll check it out.
    Posted 4 Weeks Ago at 9:53 AM by MUDKIP!!! MUDKIP!!! is offline
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    "Stop trying to be someone you're not."

    Musique I remember that was your name when we first interacted. Kinda makes me nostlagic for some odd reason, it only has been a year

    But hey... Do what feels natural to you, If you want to change your name to fit who you feel you are, or just picking a name that you love. Choose what makes you happy.

    Whether it be Musique, Euphonium, or Mezzo, whatever crazy name you pick for yourself. You'll always be Kory to me :D

    Stay frosty bro...

    PS: I kinda miss you on the Anime Sub Forum XD
    Posted 4 Weeks Ago at 8:42 AM by CidHazard CidHazard is online now

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