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Falling into Love

Posted 1 Day Ago at 10:37 PM by Talon

Well now really when we go back into falling in love. And say, it's crazy. Falling. You see? We don't say "rising into love." There is in it the idea of the fall. And it goes back, as a matter of fact, to extremely fundamental things. That there is always a curious tie at some point between the fall and the creation. Taking this ghastly risk is the condition of there being life. You see, for all life is an act of faith an act of gamble. The moment you take a step, you do so on an act of...
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A reflection on my mental health (Day 15 of 365)

Posted 1 Day Ago at 9:29 PM by Meganium (Dirt Road Diary)

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This is gonna be a blog where I can reflect on my own thoughts. We're 15 days into 2017 and quite honestly it's still early to say that I've accomplished anything.

However, I've been sitting on this same spot at my home…all day today. Thinking about my past behaviours, my mood, my weird energy. How my anxiety was so severe these days (or rather, months)....
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Football Night. (Day 14 of 365)

Posted 2 Days Ago at 10:40 PM by Meganium (Dirt Road Diary)

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Anyone up for some FOOT BALL??

The Houston Texans and the New England Patriots play against each other tonight, and I was looking forward to seeing the game after work. Work was really busy on my first day back after taking the past two days off. I managed to rest as much as possible. However, now...
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Friends don't let friends use certain fonts, or do they?

Posted 2 Days Ago at 7:50 PM by Otter Mii-kun (The Mii-kun Journal)

Those who know me know I have some strange tastes when it comes to many things in life, as well as some pretty unorthodox views on certain topics.

For this entry, I’m going to be focusing on fonts. Of the many different fonts in existence, I’ve had many different ones which I considered my favorites over the years. Some were commonly used at one point or another, although some others were widely criticized for various reasons.

I will be going through several of...
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Molly, you are so adorable! ♥
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Posted 3 Days Ago at 9:06 PM by Meganium (Dirt Road Diary)

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So I got paid today. Weee!

First thing I wanted to do today? Get a fucking haircut.

I think the long hair has seen better days, as well as the blonde tips on the bottom. Another reason why I decided to chop it down was because I kept getting these frequent headaches because of how heavy my hair was (I have soooo much hair...
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