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Hey guys.

Posted October 24th, 2015 at 4:27 PM by colours (a colourful journey)

Sorry for the massive dip in inactivity. I'm essentially back now...or at least, I'm going to be as active as I can. :P

Real life as well as disinterest due to real life obligations + gaming + my new interest in photography is going to suck up a whole bunch of my free time, but I haven't forgotten about this place.

I need to catch up with everyone again. ;_;
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Ice Reviews - Aiden's moaning

Posted October 24th, 2015 at 11:01 AM by Ice

Aiden's moans are a bit shakey on the notes. While they are stable, they do not stay in a single key, which makes me doubt the actual skill involved. The English accent does improve the overall quality, and he does not have a bad moaning voice to start with. It's just that the key changes are done so unsubtly that they're really hard to ignore.

Overall rating, 6.5/10
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Arcade Block: October 2015 Legend of Zelda Edition [Daily Bloggity Entry #253]

Posted October 21st, 2015 at 1:00 PM by Tracer (Daily Bloggity)

Date: 21 October 2015
Time: 12:35 PM ET
Mood: Goodiez for dayz

"Arcade Block contains licensed merchandise, hand-picked by our team of uber-nerds representing all genres from movies, television, video games, internet, and more! Each item is carefully selected and put through a series of in-house testing based on quality, brand association, collectability, and most important – fun factor." Costs $19.99 a month.
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Ever get that feeling of deja vu?
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Miracles really do happen :')

Posted October 20th, 2015 at 7:23 PM by Swagroar (A shriveling swirl of glitter)

So, a week ago, I posted a blog about how I was feeling atrocious after three of my game systems, as well as some of my Pokémon games, were gone just like that. But tonight, I got a call out of nowhere from an unknown ID, saying that he had found my games.

Here's where it gets unusual: it was from a student who goes to Eastern University, which is right across the street from Cabrini College, where I am now. He had been near the steps connecting the two colleges and he found them...
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Explanation Of Inactivity and Future Of The Daily Bloggity [Daily Bloggity Entry #252]

Posted October 20th, 2015 at 1:00 PM by Tracer (Daily Bloggity)

Date: 20 October 2015
Time: 12:02 PM ET
Mood: Feeling normal, finally

Hey guys. It's been awhile since I've written one of these, but for good reason. I just wanted to give you guys an explanation of why there hasn't been a blog for awhile and why I've had very diminished activity, but hopefully that will turn around sooner rather than later. It was for good reason though, so hopefully y'all can understand why there hasn't
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Ever get that feeling of deja vu?
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